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Offline translator for many languages. DingMee does not need an expensive internet connection.
Download the dictionary files once and use them offline everywhere, any time!

DingMee supports more than 20 languages, e.g.: english, german, french, italian, spanish, finnish, swedish, arabic, chinese, russian, polish, greek and much more!

See the complete list here:

Since NOKIA does not longer support Harmattan, I've made DingMee and all dictionaries free available. If you like it, feel free to donate:


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File dingmee_0.1.7_armel.deb129.91 KB20/05/2019 - 00:23


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I have updated some of the dictionaries. If you use them, just update:


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The Database was set in MyDocs, that was a little bad.

----------------------------Don't care this------------------来自中国(Come from China)

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Dictionaries are saved in MyDocs, so they can be easily managed (removed) by the "Documents" app. DingMee can only remove all installed dictionaries.

See the corresponding discussion on TMO.

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Anyway this is not good. Why I must see installed dict on my Documents app? It's logical to move dict into some /MyDocs/DengMee (for e.g.) subfolder and exclude this folder from tracker to not display in Documents app.

But thank you for dingMee anyway.

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Beautiful and useful.

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Thanks chrm for this app :)

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can you make a port for sailfish?

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Ok. SDK is installed. Port should be done soon.