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Tor is a connection-based low-latency anonymous communication system.

Clients choose a source-routed path through a set of relays, and
negotiate a "virtual circuit" through the network, in which each relay
knows its predecessor and successor, but no others. Traffic flowing
down the circuit is decrypted at each relay, which reveals the
downstream relay.

Basically, Tor provides a distributed network of relays. Users bounce
their TCP streams (web traffic, ftp, ssh, etc) around the relays, and
recipients, observers, and even the relays themselves have difficulty
learning which users connected to which destinations.

This package enables only a Tor client by default, but it can also be
configured as a relay and/or a hidden service easily.

Client applications can use the Tor network by connecting to the local
socks proxy interface provided by your Tor instance. If the application
itself does not come with socks support, you can use a socks client
such as torsocks.

Note that Tor does no protocol cleaning on application traffic. There
is a danger that application protocols and associated programs can be
induced to reveal information about the user. Tor depends on Torbutton
and similar protocol cleaners to solve this problem. For best
protection when web surfing, the Tor Project recommends that you use
the Tor Browser Bundle, a standalone tarball that includes static
builds of Tor, Torbutton, and a modified Firefox that is patched to fix
a variety of privacy bugs.

For more information please visit

To have system settings to control tor proxy, coderus was kindly to the assistance 1). This obsoletes the tor-switch package.


Application versions: 
File tor- MB09/11/2017 - 21:19
File tor- MB09/11/2017 - 21:04
File tor- MB02/09/2015 - 10:22
File tor- MB07/08/2015 - 11:58
File tor- MB27/09/2015 - 11:14
File tor- MB14/11/2017 - 08:15
File tor- MB10/02/2018 - 13:01



sdiconov's picture

Fails to start in SFOS

Must be bundled with the settings applet to be usable without terminal commands. Actually, this applet is a vital piece to make tor usable.

Ater installation all notification messages, weather, etc disappeared from the notification pane (swipe left-to-right to see).  

lkdhf's picture

On Sailfish

Fatal error: tor- requires, but this requirement cannot be provided

DarkTuring's picture

It doesnt work and totally killed my SFOS browser functionality, changing proxy settings without ability to reset.

On Wifi Or Mobile Data, with securefishnet and without, and TOR applet running, proxy refuses connection error on Sailfish X, please fix and add button to reset, or automatically reset browser settings on TOR apolet close, also its blinking but never was able to connect.



Once i uninstalled TOR restarted phone suddenly my SFOS browser connectes through TOR, even thoughApplet is NOT running!

Caballlero's picture

Hello @DarkTuring

Look like is a problem with Tor settings applet and not for  Tor, Uninstall "Tor settings applet" since this patch is obsolete, and install it again until some body updates it completely.

1) Uninstall Tor-settings-applet

2) Reset manually sailfish-browser

2) open sailfish browser , go to URL Bar type: about:config

press: accept

a configuration menu will be displayed

# search: network.proxy.sock

network.proxy.sock: delete all.

network.proxy.sock_port: delete all.

network.proxy.sock_remote_dns: turn off

# now  search: network.proxy.type

network.proxy.type: change 1 to 5

press: Accept

Restart SailfisOS





objectifnul's picture

Okay, this repairs the web browser, thanks a lot. Now how do I enable TOR without the deprecated TOR Settings Applet? This is what happens when I try

$ torctl start
Feb 27 15:37:33.364
[notice] Tor (git-9e8b762fcecfece6) running on Linux with Libevent 2.1.8 -stable, OpenSSL 1.0.2h-fips, Zlib 1.2.8, Liblzma N/A, and Libzstd N/A.
Feb 27 15:37:33.364 [notice] Tor can't help you if you use it wrong! Learn how to be safe at https:/ / 
Feb 27 15:37:33.364 [notice] Read configuration file "/etc/tor/torrc". 
Feb 27 15:37:33.370 [notice] I think we have 6 CPUS, but only 5 of them are available. Telling Tor to only use 5. You can override this with the NumCPUs option 
Feb 27 15:37:33.370 [notice] Scheduler type KIST has been enabled. 
Feb 27 15:37:33.370 [notice] Opening Socks listener on 
Feb 27 15:37:33.371 [notice] Opening DNS listener on 
/usr/bin/torctl start: tor started 
/usr/bin/torctl start: tor (pid unknown) quit unexpectedly

The last line ("quit unexpectedly") sometimes does not show up. In any case the browser does not start in TOR mode.

DarkTuring's picture

Phew! That restored the browser, thank you very much. Would be sweet for the Applet to allow reset. Personally i wush TOR could be anabled by tab, instead of by browser - just my 2 cents, for exaample i wnat to access my Bank Account (you cannot use tor) in one Tab, while the Dsrk Web (in another Tab) with Tor runneling.

daywalker's picture

Hi, first thank you and second could you please provide the current version ?

A lot of fixes since

If you do not have the time please provide the .spec file and i will try to compile it myself.

NielDK's picture

Yep, done

daywalker's picture

woah that was fast! thank you and have a nice weekend!

dadacmoi's picture

hello thank you for your application

in sailfish os on oneplusone tor don't work (tor-

tor settings applet do nothing when apply on tor service state

what's wrong thank you  for help


Observer's picture

I have a favour to ask of you. I am using Sailfish OS (because I don't like UI of OS 2.0) and tor- ( don't work on Please, when your will upgrage the package, can you create the version for Sailfish OS
P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

mityaj777's picture

Нужна программа для раздачи WIFI c Jolla на ноутбук. Мой сотовый оператор Yota, что-бы пользоваться без ограничений!

sdiconov's picture

Не нужна, так как это встроенная функция. В Настройках в "Окне событий" включите ярлык "Общий доступ к Интернету". Нажмите ярлык. Это оно и есть.

NielDK's picture

No comprende :)

objectifnul's picture

Current version (tor- creates


(with no result) instead of

NielDK's picture

Fixed in

objectifnul's picture

Version tor- OK.

Version tor- seems to have no effect ("Sorry, you are not using TOR")

(Currently running SFOS

NielDK's picture

Please try to
Uninstall tor
Install tor
Install coderus tor settings
Aand use the new system settings to enable/disable tor

objectifnul's picture

Fine. It's OK now. Thanks.

V10lator's picture

Found in dmesg after booting:

tor (751): undefined instruction: pc=40744a08

What seems harmless might be a real big bug: "IRQs are disabled when an Undefined instruction trap occurs."

NielDK's picture

Uploaded new build of recent release

ffelgenh's picture

I tried to torify telnet and got an error:

torsoscks not found in your PATH.

I searched for torsocks and could not find it at all.

Is torsocks for Jolla available somewhere?

NielDK's picture
ffelgenh's picture

Wow that was fast. :-)

Now i get:

/usr/lib/torsocks/ does not exist! Try re-installing torsocks.

There is a file /usr/lib/torsocks/

After adding a symlink i get:

ERROR: telnet is setuid. torsocks will not work on a setuid executable.

NielDK's picture

Well, remove suid bit from telnet.
As root

# chmod u-s /bin/telnet

ffelgenh's picture

Sure, should have thought first. torify telnet works now. thx!

lkdhf's picture

Got uninstalled again with update 10, current openssl version is 1.0.1j.

lkdhf's picture

Broken since (it actually got uninstalled), seems to have something to do with the dependencies. Can you have a look?

yuri's picture

I confirm it, there is a problem.


Status: dep-resolution-failed

Extra details:

tor- requires, but this requirement cannot be provided

NielDK's picture

It works, but you need my OpenSSL . Should be installed if you are using warehouse app and enable my repository. Also, note that I have split this into tor + tor-switch packages, for those that only wants tor without the toggle in launcher