Whatsup - for Sailfish OS

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Whatsup is a third party WhatsApp client.


Otherwise, your number might be BANNED!
If you need to register, please wait for the updated verison.

If you like this app, please donate using the DONATE button inside the app!

Application versions: 
File whatsup-0.2-6.armv7hl.rpm8.52 MB25/01/2016 - 16:04
File whatsup-0.2-7.armv7hl.rpm8.52 MB29/03/2016 - 17:31

- 0.2-7

  • Fixed Connection Problems


- 0.2-6

  • Fixed Registration
  • Fixed Connection Problems
    Special thanks goes to ceene for this release!


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Да они и сами не делают и сторонние клиенты банят...

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Если им не нравятся сторонние клиенты, пусть делают родной на SFOS, в противном случае - посыл на х..

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Trying to install on Sailfish OS, I had to force it it is missing libQt0FEedback.so.0.

I can make it start by adding alink to libQt5Feedback.so.0, however it i snot stable and actually does not work.

Do you plan to deliver an uodated version ?



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WhatsApp's developpers are aggressively threatening to sue any attempt of 3rd party client.

Therefor it's very unlikely that thrat WhatsUp's authors will manage to continue this project.

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This project is dead, right?

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Whatsapp stopping support for so many platforms, frustrated our use of the best ever Whatsapp client, and has official support for Tizen? Who uses Tizen for crying out loud??? I am so disgusted right about now. The latest Official whatsapp app introduced the status screen, just another name for our former "notifications" screen, I will always have so much respect for Cepi and all you guys that have maintained this awesome app for so long, cheers guys, and remain blessed.

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Please remove this "dead" app from list...

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Does anyone know if the development proceeds? Please answer. Thanks to all sailors.

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Unofficial app blocked by Whatsapp after June 24, 2016 (latest successful connection)

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Since about 4 days Whatsup doesn´t connect anymore. Is development in progress or is this the end? If that would be the end, that would be a pity.

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Hallo HtheB, how is the situation about Whatsup, do you carry on the Project "Whatsup"? I payed some money for donation in the past and i would do it again if there come a new version of Whatsup. At this moment Whatsup does not work.

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Please add support for Sailfish OS 2.0, I can't install whatsup in my Redmi 2 

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I am on and installed it without any clitch some time ago, which installer are you using? try installing from filetug if you have it installed, it is available on Jolla store, but any other means of installation should suffice, what error are you getting exactly?

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Now I can install it, but I can't register, error code: "Server response was: old_version"

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Thanks for replying, I'm on MIUI 8 right now, probably the error was produced from the instability of the ROM, since is an alpha ROM, better I'll wait for system updates, and I haven't Jolla store, since my Sailfish version was unofficial. Sorry for bad English

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not receiving messages from Windows and iOS

only from android

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Any news on the encryption issue? Whatsup is not usable at this moment.

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Hi, I cannot connect using Whatsup (v0.2-7) anymore on Sailfish.

Status : Error

And if I register again, it says "old_version"

Can you help me ?

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Sorry for not replying guys.

Some people has issues with group messages, and some even regular messages. Some has connection problems.
As you all know, WhatsApp has implemented some encryption to their messages.
This will be investigated and hope sooner or later an update will be released.

Don't worry guys, we still got your back :)

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I changed from yappari (nokia n900) to whatsup (jolla) and didn't recevie messages from contacts who already have me in their list. I reinstalled whatsup and get banned.

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I am on latest version and I have not encountered any connection issue.

I have find a bug though. I can send and recieve all messages for single contact but if I join in a chat goup, I can send the messages (others can read it) and I can't recieve any message from the group.

I tried a lot of tips like esc and re join the group but never fixed the issue. 

Please if u can get a look into it I appriciate very much

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Any update needed after Whatsapp's move today to end-to-end encryption?

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I am having connection errors at all times. Does not help, even though I would click connect more than 10 times.

It connects -> "Connected" but messages does not come through. then after minute or two, it disconnects and app gives messafe Error.

Is this only my device? Or something with the app?


Best Regards,


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Hi, I think the registration in the app is blocked by Whatsapp, "reason server response was: blocked"

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This happens for me as well if I put in the Countrycode with +49 for sms as well as voice registration. Is there some workaround with e.g. a config file? I also get “server response was bad param“  if i use 0049 as countrycode.

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Guys, it seems that the connection needs to be stabilized.
This could take a (little) while. Just let it wait to connect.
It is possible that it drops connection from time to time, but after a while, it shouldn't drop anymore.

If it does not auto connect, just touch on the Connect button to let it re-connect.

It should work after some time.

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even if it does connect no messages are coming thru and after a while I get error

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like the N9 same here, seem connected but cannot receive or send any messages.

after a while it gives errror and if I try to reconnect it connects.

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Even though I have not been affected by the connection issues yet, my gratefulness remains intact to you guys for keeping me on Whatsapp...