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MasterPassword client for SailfishOS

Any feedback is much appreciated!

This application is also available via Chum.

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Source code

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Application versions: 
File harbour-mpw-0.2.3-1.24.1.jolla_.aarch64.rpm387 bytes06/08/2021 - 12:34
File harbour-mpw-0.2.3-1.24.1.jolla_.i486.rpm37.45 KB06/08/2021 - 12:34
File harbour-mpw-0.2.3-1.26.1.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm34.14 KB06/08/2021 - 12:34

- Use V3 by default - New icon by Jorren `jsehv` Schauwaert - Update to latest libmpw - Update and add several translations


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libmpw is missing

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A quick test comparison to the desktop (Java) version: v3 passwords were equal, but v0 were not !?

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That's because V0 is platform dependent.

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Does not install to me, complains about 'openssl' dependency!?

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If you just did a system update, try invoking `pkcon refresh` first.

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Yes, that did the trick !

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Thank you for the gui!

However, the passwords are strange and not coherent with masterpassword-cli. The latter works fine, whereas I get different passwords in the gui. Funnily enough, after I put in the details I get a different password every time I press enter. This is not the intended behaviour, is it?

I also get a creepy feeling when I enter my name and master password into the app and have to press a button called "save". It doesn't really save the master password, does it? That would contradict the idea behind such an app.

Cheers, Timm

ilpianista's picture

Hi Timm!

Yep, master password is never saved (and never will!). Neither the name field at the moment is saved, but in next release will.

Mmm I get the same passwords by the CLI and by the GUI :-O

Please try to wait a bit after pressing the "Save" button. I noticed a small freeze of the app when it invokes masterpassword-cli to generate the "master key".

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Thanks for the quick answer! I was pretty sure you'd not actually save the master password :)

Even if I wait for a couple of seconds the result is the same: every time I press enter (in the site name or counter field) I get a new password different from the others. I'm on Taalojärvi

ilpianista's picture

I really can't reproduce it o.O

I tryed setting the name to 'A' and the password to 'b'. Then I pressed Save.

Now to site field I wrote 'c' and then Enter. I got Tupa7,ZapwFofe. Pressing enter again does nothing. What do you get instead?

borghal's picture

I get the same password as you, and only the one.

But if I use "A b" (without the quotes) as the name and leave the rest (master b, site c, counter 1) then I get several passwords again. Is the space character the culprit?

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Ok, I can reproduce it now! It's not an issue with the space, because if I put my full name I cannot reproduce it anymore :-S

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Maybe I've just got the wrong name? ;-)

But if I use my full name and leave the other variables to b,c,1 it works correctly. WTF?

After playing around with it some more, I can't really find a permanently wrong combination. Sometimes, however, it takes very long for the name + master password to be saved. Then it always goes wrong.

Sorry if this isn't helping much.

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Should be fixed now, let me know!

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Thanks a bunch, works now!