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NOTE: This will only work on Sailfish update 7 and earlier. For later versions please download lukedirtwalker's branch:

CuteSpotify makes it possible to listen to your Spotify songs on Sailfish. It supports both online and offline playback.

A Spotify Premium subscription is required to make use of this application

Please be aware that currently the volume can only be changed while the application is in focus.

Changes in version 1.3.0-11:

  • Icon avoids aliasing issue on launcher
  • Adds support for playlist folders
  • Adds support for searching for playlists (this still needs a little polish, loading large playlists can make the UI briefly sluggish)
  • Fixes audio cut off at end of songs (might not be perfect, but should be a lot better).

Changes in version 1.3.0-12

  • Fixes detection of WLAN vs 2G/3G connection
  • Adds an option to clear the cache and offline storage when logged out (accessible via a pull down menu on the login page)
  • Adds shuffle and repeat switches to a push up menu underneath the small player view.

Changes in version 1.3.0-13

  • Fixes dependencies (these were broken in -12, causing new users to have silent playback)

Changes in version 1.3.0-14

  • Fixes settings path for Sailfish

Changes in version 1.3.0-15

  • Adds support for scrobbling to (this can be enabled from the settings page).

Changes in version 1.3.0-16

  • Removes donation buttons
  • Adds sanity checks on cache path prior to deletion
Application versions: 
File harbour-cutespotify-1.3.0-10.armv7hl.rpm1.4 MB31/12/2013 - 07:35
File harbour-cutespotify-1.3.0-11.armv7hl.rpm1.42 MB07/01/2014 - 03:28
File harbour-cutespotify-1.3.0-12.armv7hl.rpm1.38 MB27/01/2014 - 03:09
File harbour-cutespotify-1.3.0-13.armv7hl.rpm1.38 MB31/01/2014 - 18:59
File harbour-cutespotify-1.3.0-14.armv7hl.rpm1.38 MB01/02/2014 - 00:43
File harbour-cutespotify-1.3.0-15.armv7hl.rpm1.38 MB03/02/2014 - 03:01
File harbour-cutespotify-1.3.0-16.armv7hl.rpm1.38 MB25/03/2014 - 03:27


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You have probably already noticed that it is impossible to play songs on Jolla update 8. Great job otherwise!

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 I no longer have time to work on CuteSpotify, so lukedirtwalker has taken over; download his updated version here:



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Cheers for great app, have been using it now and then (as I don't normally subscribe to spotify premium).

Anyway, most likely after latest sailfish upgrade, I've encountered crashes to the point that application is now unusable. It starts, I can see the app home screen and then it just closes before I have chance to do anything. I've tried reinstalling app, rebooting phone, but no help. Last weekend I managed to listen for few seconds before the crash (so the app responded long enough that I could choose a playlist and track  - and listen for a while before it closed). After that I haven't been able to get past the home screen.

Last time it was working I think I changed the default stream quality setting, but cannot remember if it was before the OS upgrade. Any thoughts?

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Could you try clearing your user data and see if that has any effect? Just delete /home/nemo/.local/share/harbour-cutespotify (Uninstalling the app won't touch your user data).

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Thanks, seems like it did help... So something was screwed up in the folder.

I'll continue testing if I can reproduce the issue somehow.

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All and all, a great app. Everything that is required works quite well and it looks great. A queue list would still be nice. And, at least on my Jolla, the search option is a bit aquardly placed. The button to change the search settings is so close to the buttons that get you back to the start screen I frequently hit back by accident.


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My CuteSpotify is crashing all the time and the songs are stuttering. It also takes about 3-4min to get ready after start. It seems to be doing something in the background that renders it useless until you have waited for a couple of minutes. These would be the single most important things to fix I think. Then the volume would be next so one could adjust the volume even if the app is in the background.

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would be very nice if the application were also open to free accounts

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Unfortunately that's not possible, Spotify only allow users with Premium accounts use clients based around libspotify.

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so there aren't any solutions for provide a native sailfish client for spotify free?

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No, the only people who can do that at the moment are Spotify themselves.

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Thanks for nice app.Works fine .Add as new in the playlist(whole album) would be nice.At least didn't find that option.Hope You have interest and time to make updates.


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Hi dude!! =)


Are you going to update the app? Would be great because it's so unestable right now :S (PD I donated some for a coffee, does that you motivate to publish an update? :P hahaha)

Thank you!! Your rock!

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I just performed a factory reset on my Jolla device and reinstalled all aps after upgrading to Naamankajarvi. Now CuteSpotify won't show any songs in my playlists!!! I can see the folders and albums, but there are no songs left in the playlists. However, I can search and play songs, but not from my playlists. Web player in PC shows that everything is OK in my account.

Any ideas?

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This app is a real lifesaver, great work.

I have one bug report: most of my playlists show the songs twice (in both the playlist menu and inside the playlist). I'm running  1.3.0-15 of cutespotifty and of Sailfish. This happened only for the very first time I opened the app. I don't know if this "bug" is significant but though I'd at least report it.

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how is it when Cutespotify starts up, is it online automatically? Because, if the Jolla looses the network, underground metro for example, Cutespotify seems to permanently try to connect to internet. The phone and the application gets laggy until all the connections are switched off.

Do you plan a kind of offline mode option at startup?


ps: I know that the connection problem banner is a general problem with the Jolla right now, but offline mode could temporarly avoid this bug with CuteSpotify.

Elleo's picture

Hi damourti,

 I'll look into this issue, at the very least it should be possible to add a manual method for going into offline mode in a future version.



damourti's picture

Hi Mike,

ok cool, eventually it could be implemented before the app starts-up.


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last month Spotify sent an e-mail saying that Spotify is now free on mobiles. However, it does not apply to CuteSpotify.

Is this restriction made by Spotify or are there any changes necessary for CuteSpotify to work? I understand that free mobile spotify has some limitations.

Elleo's picture

Hi ajaijjij,

 Unfortunately free access is only available through official Spotify mobile clients, anything based around libspotify (as CuteSpotify is) still has the premium restriction I'm afraid. That's out of my control, it's a restriction enforced by Spotify on the server-side.



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It's a pitty that we are restricted.

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Your app is great! I just have a small problem. I logged out by mistake, and when I try to log in again, the app crashes everytime. It happens only if put correct log in info. With wrong password it tells that I have bad password. I also tried uninstalled it, but that did not help either :/


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Unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce this issue, so the only thing I can really recommend is that you delete your user data from /home/nemo/.local/share/harbour-cutespotify (Just uninstalling the app won't touch your user data).

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In my case that folder doesn't exists :( Maybe (probably) I'm doing it wrong...but after /nemo, .local doesn't exists through file explorer, Should I use Terminal?

Elleo's picture

Files beginning with a "." are hidden files, so the file explorer doesn't display them by default (and I don't think it has an option to show them yet). So for now you'll have to do it via the command line. I'll see about adding a pull down menu option to the login page for future versions that clears the user cache for you, while I try to figure out what it is that causes this issue.

petaqui's picture

Thank you! Sorry about my incompetence, I've been using linux products for a long, but never learned how to work with terminal u.u but now I must use to enjoy some great features =)
Well, it worked! Thanks again =D I'll pay you some beers with the next release :) or tomorrow...who knows

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Glad to hear you're enjoying it :)

tommi_skywalker's picture

Yay, thanks! that helped!


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To be honest the mail, people, message for the mobile version is not that important ;) inbox is enough. 

thks for your work

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Thank you for this app, Elleo!

I like it, though miss some features yet ;-)

I would appreciate very much, if you added a possibility to display not only "tracks", but also "artists" and "albums" as in the official app?

Thank you for your work!