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Changes Jolla Tablet wlan region from US to ALL.

Reboot is needed after installing this package.


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File harbour-wlan-region-0.0.2-0.noarch.rpm1.96 KB21/10/2015 - 17:26



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Isn't 00 more restricted than US? Anyway, I'm currently trying the same (getting channel 14) on a Jolla phone. What I did so far:
1. hack around in wlan.ko untill channel 14 isn't listed as disabled anymore.
2. Hack the regulatory database (remove all and everything except 00 and change 00 so it's allowed to access channel 1-14).

But I can't confirm it's working (I also tried to hack my router, at least one of the two devices needs more work as the phone can't see the router when the router is operating on channel 14).

Now I wanted to look into your package to get some hints but that looks like a completely empty, uncompressed CPIO archive? Please correct me if I'm wrong cause I would love to get some help.

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The method used for Jolla Tablet does not work for Jolla Phone.. basically the rpm is changing ccode=US to ccode=ALL in /system/etc/firmware/bcmdhd_aob.cal which lets the Tablet use the channels 12 & 13.

The Jolla Phone then again supports CRDA (Tablet does not) and you could try setting the country code to JP with "iw reg set JP" (current value can be read with "iw reg get").

I can't remember if the phone actually supports channel 14 at all..



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What is the advantagde of this? Have you been having issues connecting?

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If you want to be able to connect access points on operating on frequencies not allowed to be used in USA (eg. on 2.4GHz the channels 12 and 13) you need to modify the region. The "normal" CRDA-thing does not work with Broadcom chipsets.