Patch: Tracker path settings

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Patch for PatchManager

Adds settings for changing Tracker's paths, so you can choose what dirs are used for your Gallery, Music, etc applications

Available options are:

1) Ignored directories - these dirs will be ignored by tracker

2) Included single directories - these dirs will be used by tracker (child dirs are ignored)

3) Included recursive directories - these dirs will be used by tracker (child dirs are included)

You can unlock default paths and choose any dir with pulley menu's "Unlock advanced settings"


- added feature to set any path (advanced settings)


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Is there any progress on allowing paths ot the SD card? It doesn't seem to be possible in 0.3, and unlocking the default paths doesn't seem to change anything as it isn't possible to type in a path or browse lower in the file heirarchy than /home/nemo.

Work around might be to make a symlink between /media/sdcard/****-****/Music and /home/nemo/music, but I am not sure how to do that and it doesn't seem like an elegant solution.

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will do

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Nice. I've made simple icon for it


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Great icon Ancelad! However, is it possible to make the icon scale with the device resolution? On 1920×1080 resolution Sailfish devices the icon is small compared to all the other (default) icons.

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thanks mate! That's very nice! But how about sharing a link to that icon? =)

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thanks again! updated