Fonts category

Due to high amount of Font Packs packages being uploaded to OpenRepos, new category "Fonts" created. Category will behave in a same way as Libraries, i.e. will not be displayed at recently updated index, but can be searched and browsed.


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Thx - much better this way 

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My bad. I should have asked for another category like I did for ambience and themes.

I'm such a bad person, creating 100 font packs at a time when I should have been sleeping and then unleashing them on the unsuspecting public. What can i say?, there. there now, we have a category where the nasty little font packs are all locked safely away.

Thank you Basil, for creating the entry. No doubt you had a stream of sh*tty messages from others moaning about 'the flood' of fonts.

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Many thanks. Markkyboy, imagine a place like TJC being bombarded with hundreds of 'instructional' new topics à la "how to tap the screen," which totally lack any value for nearly everyone who visits the site, would you also approve of the person posting those because they were just trying to be helpful? If being helpful was the real goal, the quantity would have been much lower but the quality would have been a lot higher - in this case, you would have only uploaded a few font packages that you rigorously checked for language compatibility and just looking good in general. But that didn't happen, and so people complained. Thanks to this new category you can continue the great font dump of 2016, though.

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Helpfulness of a product is totally relative, if there's even only one user who finds a package useful, then that package is worthy.

Fonts, icons or whatever may be useless and disturbing for the most of users, but I do think that this impasse could have been handled without all the rudeness that flooded in the past hours.

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Thank you, Fravaccaro.

Lesson learned, no more to say.


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Many thanks to fravaccaro, Markkyboy and others for the work on personalisation and mainly on fonts!

For me, it's a huge step forward for Sailfish. I have the feeling to have a new phone now, the UI is pleasant to look at and I can read everything at a glance!

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Perhaps a similar arrangement for icon packs?

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Fonts category was added to temporary hide packages from general index. Once more applications gets updates, fonts will be added back to index. Category itself will be moved to Ambience & Themes as a subcategory. I'll consider adding another subcategory for icon packs.

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