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Nineshark is syncs with your Grooveshark account (Playlist, favorites, collection, etc.).

Project site:

Transifex project:

Application versions: 
File nineshark_0.0.7_armel.deb2.3 MB23/02/2014 - 04:44
File nineshark_0.0.6_armel.deb2.26 MB25/11/2013 - 04:51
File nineshark_0.0.5_armel.deb2.24 MB30/10/2013 - 07:05

Nineshark (0.0.7):

  • New Splashscreen.
  • Autosave playlist.
  • Added Search to Dashboard.
  • Add favorites from Player.
  • Added Polish and German languages.
  • Redesign.
  • Fix settings from Player.
  • Fix check session grooveshark.

Nineshark (0.0.6):

  • Added button Discover Music in Home.
  • Added Chinese (zh) language.
  • Extras features non visibles (A slight improvement in speed with 3g, fixes, etc.).


nperrotta's picture

Alejo me dejo de funcionar la app, paso algo???

AlejoASotelo's picture

Hola nperrota, cerro grooveshark y con eso Nineshark. Tal vez la modifique para que use soundcloud. No es lo mismo, pero... Apenas tenga tiempo tal vez lo haga, estoy a mil. Abrazo!

ButoSemuaButo's picture

Good. Nice UI. Just not fast enough for multitasking.

Anthony65's picture

Great update, works like a charm!

thanks for adding translations in v0.0.7 

AlejoASotelo's picture

You're welcome!


Translations exist thanks to the community that helps in Transifex!

vrgsmm01's picture

Incredible !!!!

yusayx's picture

thank you 

Demir's picture

Nice app.Ty

AlejoASotelo's picture

thank you very much, enjoy Nineshark!

nperrotta's picture

Hola Alejo, estoy probando tu aplicacion pero se me queda en "iniciando", queria saber que problema tengo y como puedo solucionarlo. Desde ya gracias, Nestor


nperrotta's picture

Solucionado!!!!borre el archivo nineshark.conf y reinicie y por fin inicio. Gracias


idtch's picture

ZH 谢谢!

nsuffys's picture

Excellent and great application for MeeGo-Harmattan! A must-have!