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The application is an native Foursquare(r) client for Sailfish OS.

It have following features:

- Browsing of nearby venues
- Checkin with a shout, and sharing to Facebook and Twitter.
- Browsing of recent friend checkins.
- Shows most recent chekin at the Cover Page.
- and more ...

Source code is available at There exists a clone from Oleg Linkin Translations are handled by transifex

Application versions: 
File harbour-foursail-0.7.7-1.armv7hl.rpm117.81 KB26/06/2014 - 14:31
File harbour-foursail-0.7.8-1.armv7hl.rpm86.99 KB11/05/2015 - 13:39
File harbour-foursail-0.7.9-1.armv7hl.rpm89.38 KB22/03/2016 - 23:27
File harbour-foursail-0.7.9-1.i486.rpm90.43 KB22/03/2016 - 23:27



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Hi! Any chance to have a look at the "Nearby" page? It seems to be broken and never displays nearby places, so checkin functionality is no longer possible. Thanks!

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Add image uploading for checkins pls

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Thank you very much for the necessary application.
Please, Make it possible to attach a picture from the gallery to check-in

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with the app segfaults when using the refresh cover action. Also, I don't see the gps icon on the system showing up when I launch the app.

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It seems to be a problem of geoclue component. I am not sure how to fix this. See backtrace:

Any help is appreciated.


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Thank you for this app. I have few major problems with it, though:

- I am probably using foursquare in a different way than you do :) I usually want to search for near places and discover new ones. When I find a place, I want to show the details (opening times), tips, photographs, similar places. I am not really interested in checking in until I actually visit the place. Now I only see a check-in dialogue which can be accidentaly confirmed (I have already accidentaly checked-in to some places I haven't even been to) and all the information I want to see is hidden in pulley menus.

- one suggestion would be showing the check-in dialogue automatically only when you are in the area. Even though I often check the info when I'm at the place to search for i.e. wifi password... So could it be optional whether to show just the simple check-in dialog, or the useful information?

- regarding the search - no, it is not against Jolla's guidelines. See the People app, for example, as it has the search option in the pulley menu (and you currently have only 3 options in the pulley menu - recommended maximum is 4 - so there's place for this). Some official apps (E-mail's add attachment) even have the search box on top already visible. This could be an option as well. I agree with Andreas1 that the search option should be better accessible.

- when I click on Profile in the pulley menu, I cannot simply go back to the main screen by flicking the page back, as it replaces the current page. It would be nicer to push the page instead so one could enjoy the proper Sailfish way of going back. You might say that Near Places is not a homescreen and therefore there's no going back, but currently Foursail does always default to the Near Places view, so it should be considered a homescreen :)

- I hardly even go to Profile or Recent Check-ins view, but you should try placing one of those as attached page (probably Recent Check-ins) - it is a very nice Sailfish' function :)

- Once (or if) you implement opening times, it would be great to filter  or distinguish places/search results by its state ("show only open venues")


Again, thank you and I hope some of my suggestions will be useful. // Ještě jednou díky za skvělou aplikaci ;)

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I would say, those issues are given by design. I appreciate your feedback, but personally I like current behavior. I would prefer to spend my time with new features. However, the source codes are available and I will test all patches you provide.

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It is indeed given by design, that is why it should be optional.

Challenge excepted - I have requested a merge on Gitorious. This is my first merge request ever, so please be considerate :)

I can implement some kind of settings page/infrastructure (reuse one from my apps) if desired (and when my free time allows me to).

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I will take a look on it. Please be patient. It can take some time (it is busy part of year).

The settings page is somewhere on the bottom of the todo list.

It should contain settings stored on foursquare servers ( ). Additionally, debug mode button and reset credentials button.

From developer point of view, configurable layout is worst thing to maintain. I would rather perform A/B testing and choose one of variants as default. Fork new app could also solve the problem.

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Thank you for making this application, and adding tips option in last version, it's very useful

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Hi, I have been using this app a lot and here are some random thoughts:
- when opening the app, the notification-thing with the 5sec-thing is a nice feature but it prevents doing a fast check-in since you have to wait it to disappear. Is it possible to move it to bottom, or maybe disable it if clicking to the place?
- the nearby places doesnt seem to work fast enough, so many times I have to use the search function, but then have to scroll to bottom, could the search be put on top pulley menu?
- Also, could the "recent check-ins" be put on the second page, instead of being on the pulley menu?
and last but not least, could the "Like"-feature be implemented?

Thank you for the great work!

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- notifications: i am trying to reuse part of jolla's notification component.  In my opinion it is okay.
- search button to top:  I think, that is against jolla's user interface guidelines. See Also, nearby venues was using last valid gps fix. Now, the application prevents use of old gps fix.
- recent-checkins as attached page: In my opinion, this kind of behavior is confusing.
- likes: I plan to add more features.  The API provides the "like" feature  for Tips, Checkins, and Venues. I am not sure which one you want. Next, I am not sure how to implement them to be non intrusive. It is not on the first place of my to do list. Patches are welcome.

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I don't know if they are available in Foursquare's API, but it would be useful for me if you could add support for checking in at events other than simply to venues. I recently discovered this feature during a brief adventure with an Android phone while waiting for my Jolla, and one venue I visit quite often always creates events for the concerts that take place there, It's nice to show also why you are in a place :P

Other than that, well done! ;)

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Personally, I am not using events on Foursquare. I will explore the api and eventually add some support. Patches are welcome.