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Grammar Parser Library for Python

The pyparsing module is an alternative approach to creating and executing
simple grammars, vs. the traditional lex/yacc approach, or the use of regular
expressions. The pyparsing module provides a library of classes that client
code uses to construct the grammar directly in Python code.

For source-code of pyparsing for Mer / Nemo / Sailfish, see the Mer COBS site project.



Application versions: 
File python3-pyparsing-2.0.1-10.2.1.jolla_.noarch.rpm90.2 KB05/11/2014 - 00:11

- update to 2.0.1 (bnc#209662):
* Removed use of "nonlocal" that prevented using this version of
pyparsing with Python 2.6 and 2.7. This will make it easier to
install for packages that depend on pyparsing, under Python
versions 2.6 and later. Those using older versions of Python
will have to manually install pyparsing 1.5.7.
* Fixed implementation of <<= operator to return self;