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NumPy array processing for numbers, strings, records and objects

NumPy is a general-purpose array-processing package designed to
efficiently manipulate large multi-dimensional arrays of arbitrary
records without sacrificing too much speed for small multi-dimensional
arrays. NumPy is built on the Numeric code base and adds features
introduced by numarray as well as an extended C-API and the ability to
create arrays of arbitrary type which also makes NumPy suitable for
interfacing with general-purpose data-base applications.

There are also basic facilities for discrete fourier transform,
basic linear algebra and random number generation.

For source-code of NumPy for Mer / Nemo / Sailfish, see the Mer COBS site project.




Application versions: 
File python3-numpy-1.9.0-10.3.2.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm2.18 MB04/11/2014 - 23:56

- Update to 1.9.0
* Numerous performance improvements in various areas, most
notably indexing and operations on small arrays are
significantly faster. Indexing operations now also release the
* Addition of nanmedian and nanpercentile rounds out the
nanfunction set.
- Remove upstreamed numpy-double-double-le.patch
- Add numpy-1.9.0-remove-__declspec.patch
Fixes spurious warnings during build. These warnings are related
to a windows-specific function that is not built, so the patch
just removed the function.
- Added patch tag for numpy-buildfix.patch