Patch: Status bar fonts

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Makes status bar fonts larger at homescreen for visibility purposes. Fonts' sizes are configured at <Settings/Look and Feel/Status bar fonts>. Homescreen must be restarted after applying/removing patch.

You can make larger fonts for

  1. time (recomended) (x2 during peeking)
  2. battery indicator
  3. cellular strength indicator

altogether or separetly


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eson's picture

This patch don't work on SFOS

alina's picture

How about this icon? Or this one?

virgi's picture

nice! thanks! that will do it

alina's picture

Can you add a combo to select between medium (default)/large/extra large?

virgi's picture

do you mean, make it even larger? Or somewhere in between normal and what you get with this patch?

MoritzJT's picture

maybe he's suggesting a combo box to select between font sizes for each item? IDK

virgi's picture

well, right now you can choose between default and large. the third choice, what chould it be?=)