Greek Keyboard with Arrows

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Greek keyboard with 2 or 4 arrow keys for SailfishOS 2.1.0.x and up.

After install, please enable wanted keyboards in Settings->Text Input->Keyboards.

Requires package Arrow Keyboard Common. If it isn't automatically installed, please install manually.


Coffee/tea/beer welcome: 1G3XkcF3NR5UNhua6CiBCYZnFPA6LS2jPg
Application versions: 
File arrowboard-el-1.0-1.noarch.rpm6.21 KB25/02/2017 - 06:38

- Fixes for SailfishOS 2.1.0.x
- Use the layout released officially by Jolla
- 2 keyboards: with 2 arrows & with 4 arrows


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Could you please vote here for the Greek localisation ?



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Please ask here to include the Greek keyboard layout in Sailfish OS:

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Just wondering, how difficult is to develop a greek dictionary for the phone. It does not have to be complete, initially, if there are few of us would it be that difficult?

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If someone would share their learned words dictionary file (/home/nemo/.local/share/xt9/xt9.dlm) then I guess that could be a start. It could be installed with the keyboard or as an individual package. But I have no idea, how to control the quality of the file :)

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We need to find how to create this file. After we can use a dictionnary to fill it.

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where can we find more info about that file, search for xt9 nuance does not show much

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I couldn't find something clear, here they say that is impossible:

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Thanks everyone for packaging & bug fixes! I am happy writing Greek on my Jolla :)


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I installed this rpm and the Greek keyboard works fine. It is sad that it is not supported officially. When i bought the phone and i realised that i wasn't able to write Greek with a smartphone, i sent an email to Jolla to complain and they answered me that nothing is planned and i should vote in jolla.together in order to give chances to it. The Joe user will not even go to this site so i don't think that the vote should be a creteria in this case.

After installing the rpm, i uncommented the line for word prediction in simple_el.conf and i found again my learned words. Why not let it activated;

Anyway, ευχαριστώ πολύ!

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Sad to hear there are no concrete plans by Jolla. The disabling of the word prediction was a decision made by the lack of dictionary... but you are right, people lose the use of their learned words without them enabling the dictionary again like you did. Some food for thought, surely. There might be a way to use a custom dictionary in the future, but I can't make any promises.

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For the dictionnary, i think is good to have it enabled because as we type we learn new words.
Of course if we can have a Greek dictionnary would be great!

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Ευχαριστώ πολύ!

Many thanks!

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Ελληνικά, layout is how it supposed to be, however due to a bug (9 key limit on the row) the dead key, on portrait mode the dead key works but looks faulty, landscape is fine.

Ελληνικά-simple, works ok, there are no faulty look dead key, however, the dead key now is moved on the space bar, which somehow breaks the hellenic keyboard layout.

Ελληνικά-custom is similar to Ελληνικά, with the same faulty look of the dead key, in addition the ' char on space bar does not work.

ps I can volunteer to take over the greek keyboard, unless there is someone else interested?

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Great! So there should be maybe 1-2 usable keyboards!

And by all means, take over if you want. For starters, you could publish the Ελληνικά layout as your application (or re-upload the RPM I made as yours). You can either PM me in TMO or we can just agree now that once I see you've started this in your repo, I'll remove mine.

No pressure, though :)