Billboard Standby Screen

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Display the current date, battery level, current song, internet connection information and more on your N9's standby screen - easy customization!

After the initial installation, you have to restart your N9 for configuration changes to take effect.

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File billboard_1.1.1_armel.deb113.31 KB19/04/2014 - 18:51
File billboard_2.0.0_armel.deb111.13 KB06/09/2014 - 16:20
File billboard_2.0.1_armel.deb123.13 KB06/05/2015 - 16:55
File billboard_2.2.0_armel.deb124.63 KB08/07/2015 - 11:24

billboard (2.2.0) harmattan; urgency=low

* [Elliot Wolk] aegis: Add D-Bus credentials (billboardd, billboard-cli)
* [Elliot Wolk] dbus: Print message when D-Bus service registration fails
* [Thomas Perl] Releasing: Read all version numbers from debian/changelog


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One of the best apps on N9 and a great use of the technology(screen) used by the phone!

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Please add possibility to enlarge Clock font

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Great work, what would be a final touch is if you could add a ``night`` mode that automatically change from anny of the choosen collors for fonts to the red including disabling anny op logo and, setting for start and end of this mode and even en switch on/off for that feature.That would bring it a step closer to the sleeping screen we all loved on symbiant.

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wow, great work man, I love you and this app, I waiting for more app

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Endless boot loop happend again.

Version 2.0 is unstable, watchout. 

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So, even after having this warning, I went a head and uninstalled the 1.1 version, and installed 2.0.  Well, it indeed sent it into a boot loop, it rebooted at least twice, and I thought 'crap, time to flash my phone'.  So while looking up in the other room how to flash it, it apparently booted up.  too bad this ruined my 48 day uptime, but at least I didn't have to reflash.

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Back after unbricking the phone.

Since I had to flash the phone, I installed kernel plus and fasterN9, then the Bilboard 2, and it works ok.

~~Not sure what happend here (don't have ubiboot to bring the phone up in safe mode and I can't tell anything wrong from the sys log). Had only FasterN9 1.1.7 installed out of all unstable things (stock kernel that time).

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Brother, I want to know if I can help you out of doubt about the kernel PLUS ... to serve that and how to install and what are the improvements brought about that ...

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After install the phone couldn't initiate the lock screen anymore (can't "lock"), then after restart it won't start again.

Unbricking in process....grrrrrrrrr

Watchout with this. I'll see what happend and come back with more info, if I can.

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When I try to upgrade to 2.0.0 with warehouse. I first have to uninstall 1.1, but then it only offers me 1.1 again.

It talks about 2.0.0 but I can't figure out how to get it to install



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love it :)

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awesome !

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Очень полезная, я бы даже сказал не заменимая вещь :)

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a definite must-have app for N9

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Very nice  :)

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Thanks for bringing your apps to openrepos!