Patch: PullDown Covers

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My updated version of the Pulldown-Covers patch for 3.x



  • added a pulley menu (together with a needed SilicaFlickable and Rectange for cropping)
  • original cover action buttons set to disabled
  • cover action icons' opacity changed to 0.5 (to show that the buttons are inactive)


  • once you have more than 9 apps open, it may interfere with scrolling. I may add means to prevent this in the future, but for now, it is just up to you how many apps you have open
  • it is now bit harder to open the menu, as you cannot scroll on the app covers - either scroll in between covers, or swipe from the bottom of the screen to access the menu
  • seems to conflict with the top menu when the finger is not direct on the app cover


  • think about reversing the order of the items in pulley menu
  • settings page?



didilalalagon9's picture

To combine with no home carousel is definitely a must, to have it even greater would have it twak the top menu to only deploy with a top edge swipe only.

Mick's picture

Any chance of updating this to work with Torronsuo update?

Kelmi's picture

Must be mention, this is just great action! Jolla please make ability to choose recent style(buttons) and this. Then everybody happy.

PawelSpoon's picture

One more reason to combine it with no-caroussel imho :-)

Universebenzene's picture

For Sailfish 3.0 with this patch, I feel very hard using this patch, as I always get the top menu when I pull down on the app covers but seldom get the pulley menu on the covers. Any idea about this?

Mick's picture

I find if you pull down too quickly you get the top menu instead. Pausing your finger on the cover until it hi-lights, then a smooth, easy, not too fast pull down gets it right every time. Takes a little practice.

Thaodan's picture

It's because it's conflicts with the top menu. It's listed in the warnings.

Mick's picture

Nice touch. Yeah, needs a settings page. Probably include the ability to remove/fade out the default icons completely? Would left and right pully actions for changing locations in the Meecast cover be possible?

didilalalagon9's picture

Yea ,finally that's ''no home carousel'' patch that is conflicting. But I prefer to keep no home carousel more than pull down cover. It would be great however if both could coexist.

DameCENO's picture

This patch avaiilable for Sailfish 3, awesome, more motivation for me to upgrade, thanks a lot mate

didilalalagon9's picture

Failed to apply for me , is other patch conflicting ?

Thaodan's picture

Please post a screenshot of the patchmanager somewhere. Which SailfishOS version do you use?

___'s picture

Unapply all other patches and apply this one again, easy to troubleshoot, no?

PawelSpoon's picture

A nice idea! Do you see a chance to combine it with 'no home carousel' patch ? a horizontal version .

Serega_xDD's picture

Good.Very Good

Historyscholar's picture