N9 Button Monitor

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Add actions to volume/power/proximitySensor from lockscreen, camera, and other apps.


  • Toggle flashlight/torch from lockscreen
  • Take pictures from lockscreen {quickSnap}
  • Focuses/snaps pix in camera, using VOL+ instead of touch-button
  • Music suite lockscreen controls
  • Take a screenshot {goes into MyDocs}


  • Run arbitrary commands or certain builtin actions
  • Per-screen actions {do different things in lockscreen, camera, FBReader, mplayer, etc.}
  • Buttons: proximitySensor, volumeUp, volumeDown, cameraBtn {n950}, powerBtn, bluetoothHeadsetButtons
  • Click patterns: single-click, double-click, treble-click, long-click-start, long-click-stop
  • Simple config file, plus an ugly gui for editing it if you really want.
  • Changes are automatically picked up without restart when you edit or use the gui.
  • Optional mt-toggle for turning on/off
Application versions: 
File n9-button-monitor_0.4.1_armel.deb6.44 KB20/08/2013 - 06:52
File n9-button-monitor_0.4.2_armel.deb9.17 KB20/08/2013 - 06:52
File n9-button-monitor_0.4.3_armel.deb9.41 KB20/08/2013 - 06:52
File n9-button-monitor_0.4.5_armel.deb9.68 KB20/08/2013 - 06:52
File n9-button-monitor_0.5.0_armel.deb10.61 KB20/08/2013 - 06:52
File n9-button-monitor_0.5.1_armel.deb11 KB20/08/2013 - 06:52
File n9-button-monitor_0.5.2_armel.deb20.17 KB20/08/2013 - 06:52
File n9-button-monitor_0.5.3_armel.deb18.67 KB20/08/2013 - 06:52
File n9-button-monitor_0.5.4_armel.deb18.72 KB20/08/2013 - 06:52
File n9-button-monitor_0.5.5_armel.deb20.85 KB30/08/2013 - 09:00
File n9-button-monitor_0.5.6_armel.deb21.16 KB04/12/2014 - 00:02
File n9-button-monitor_0.5.7_armel.deb21.2 KB13/12/2014 - 01:09

n9-button-monitor (0.5.7) unstable; urgency=low
* refresh config file on proximity/dbus buttons


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For any n9 enthusiast that is stuck with volume buttons not working even after uninstall (PR1.3). Remove led-dbus.conf and n9-button-monitor.conf from /etc/init/apps/ manually and reboot. 

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Can't uninstall it. What should I do?

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Try to remove with terminal.



apt-get remove n9-button-monitor


worked for me

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best app for n9
thnks a lot

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hey, thanks! glad you find it useful

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Very quick switch my phone super aplications

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After I write apt-get remove n9-button-monitor,it says:continue? [S/n]

After I click "S" or "n" it says "Interrupted".

How can I resolve?

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Press "Y" for yes instead of "S" for si

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at that prompt, you can just push enter.

note that n9-button-monitor is just like any other package and you remove it the exact same way. i think perhaps the openrepos gui would serve you better than the commandline. {warehouse i think its called?}

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Does this app works like daemon or as common app?

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In this case this for I need app!

Dud you plan to rewrote GUI to QML? It's a really unhandy in current state.

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wait, do you just want to be able to turn it on and off? there is an mt-toggle app for it that lets you turn it on and off as necessary.



{you need to install mt-toggles and unrestricted sysuid as well}

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If I got how to use it and totaly got satisfaction so yes I need able to control for turn it on/off in some cases. But I need to change my current N9 state from using system menu extentions for unrestricted system. Yes I still didn't do this.

I repeat my question about QML UI. Can you make it?

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nope. its really hard to make a good ui {weeks of unpaid effort and i need to put food on the table}, and it doesnt really add anything. try using a text editor like Redak on your phone, it will be faster and give you full control over what the buttons do.

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Ok. But where is config stored? And a lil but full explanation with samples for usage please. I don't understand what mean D-Bus Buffer, Button Param, Action Param, Condition Param. I not a Harmattan coder I'm a lil advanced user.

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yeah, youre right. i dont have sufficient documentation for the config file.

its fairly easy to copy-and-hack, but i should really really document it more fully, im sorry. im strapped for time these days with work.

the file is here:



here is what i have time to write up

-action is what it should do, e.g.: "torchOn", "clickCameraSnap", "cmd(echo hello > /tmp/file)"

-condition is when it should happen, examples e.g.: "screenLocked", "cameraAppFocused", "appFocused(FBReader)", "always"

-button is the button, e.g.: "volumeUp", "volumeDown", "power", "dbus(next-song)"

-click is the pattern, e.g.: "singleClick", "doubleClick", "trebleClick", "longClickStart", "longClickStop"

-dbus is for using the buttons on bluetooth headsets and speakers. the buffer is to fix common problems with double-messages; different devices will need tweaking, but the default should work for most.

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The question again can I use two key pressing combo? Like VolumeUp+VolumeDown? If no please add this option. Or explain me if I wrong. I have no devkit (oh... it's a dream) and the only key combo to take screenshots in any screen condition is VolumeUp+VolumeDown. Double, triple and so on clicks is okay but... It is possible? Maybe if you add this it can't be so useful as I suppose so please tell me what you thinking of.

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in the earlier versions, you could specify a pattern like that {hold volup, press voldn twice}. i thought this was the right way to go, because it gave more than just 13 patterns, but after awhile i realized i was struggling to push them, and no matter how i tweaked the timing, i would run the wrong command half the time.

the 3 or 4 alpha testers all said the same thing, and i changed it to this far simpler and less buggy one-button-per-action mechanism.

im not opposed to adding it back as an extra feature {not replacing the existing design}, but it is probably not going to happen, and the old version doesnt have enough features to be useful.  open yet another github issue, and if i ever have spare time again, ill look into it ;)

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Mmm... For now I'm not sure about this issue. Volume bar is aapear while press on volume buttons so I don't think to ask for this option right now.

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yea, the "always" condition is fairly useless. using vol keys is only useful in apps that prevent the volume control from happening {like camera apps and ebook readers} , and on the lock screen.

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Yes it is. Not really good but as is.

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Well I try to sirt it out. Maybe in next updates is better to place ini into subfolder


But it's not critical of course.

And better to place screenshots into /MyDocs/Pictures/ (and maybe /Screenshots) subfolder)

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if you open these issues on github, it will be easier for me to track them. im not sure how i feel about either of them at the moment.


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Ok I will.

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Oh thank you much. I try to set config for my own needs. But in anyway this app is very useful for mostly users and it's surprise me why it not listed in must use app on harmattan forums still.

Thanks again. I'll ask you for help if there will be need for it.

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uhh, so, in case youre worried about things running in the background:

1) power usage is very carefully tested, both in benchmarks and real life. power usage is precisely the same, whether you run it or not. there is not one mA more power used when this is running. my phone typically sleeps between 4mA and 14mA, with or without n9 button monitor running. {actually USING the buttons is a different story; running the flashlight for an hour will very quickly drain your battery, of course. not to mention ruin your camera; there are built-in safeguards to turn it off after 5 minutes}

2) i have been running n9 button monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for years. i rely on it for music and for flashilight, which i use all the time. i do occasionally start my music by accident, like maybe twice a year, but other than that, there are no unpleasant side effects.

3) literally DOZENS of daemons just like this are running silently on your N9 already, not to mention your computer and every other complicated electronic device you own

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Well ashly I don't worrie about battery usage. It's just question about finctionaity. I use Multimedia kays app for player control. But using common app instead of daemon is suxx. So your app is really useful to me.

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oh, i see! i thought you did NOT like that it was a daemon. glad its useful to you!