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Sailfish port of SpeedCrunch calculator.

Based on the original port by @qwazix. Updated to the latest SpeenCrunch engine and fixed UI for Sailfish X. Currently tested in Jolla 1 and Sony Xperia.

UI is little bit cramped in Jolla 1, because standard Sailfish buttons seem to have fixed height regardless of screen size. Should still be usable.

Source code available in GitHub.


User interface consists three pages and two keyboard panes. Leftmost page has function list, central page is the calculator itself and rightmost page contains some settings. Sideways swiping on the upper side of screen switches between pages and swiping on the keyboard switches either between pages or between keyboard panes.

Function and settings pages

Leftmost page has function list containing all SpeedCrunch engine functions, units, constants and
user defined items. Topmost filter list selection can be used to show only built-in functions,
units, constants or user defined variables and functions. Search field below it performs additional
filtering by name.

Pointing list item inserts it to the expression editing field and activates the main calculator
page. Long press opens context menu with options. First context menu item displays list item
content. For functions it is usage with parameter names. For constants and variables it is value
and for units it is just unit name. Selecting first item performs same inserting as list item

Used items are collected to recent item stack and displayed at the top of the list with bold font.
Newly created user variables and functions are automatically considered recently used. Other items
come after them in alphabetical order. Recent item stack size is not currently limited, but recent
menu items has additional context menu item for removing them from the recent stack. Also, user
defined functions and variables have context menu item for deleting them.

Rightmost page contains some settings. These are same as desktop version settings and mostly
self-explanatory. Note that user defined variables and functions are saved with the history list.

Expression editing and history list

At the top of the main calculator page is history list. All calculated expressions and their results are stored there. Pointing history list line inserts result to the expression editing. Pointing and holding history line recalls the whole expression for editing.

Below the history list is expression editing field. It can be edited either by calculator key panes or standard Sailfish virtual keyboard. Because the expression field is always active, it must be pointed twice to activate the Sailfish keyboard.

Below the expression editor is label field used for function syntax hints and autocalc results.

Keyboard and pulley menu

Most keys are familiar to anyone ever used handheld calculator. Key 0x is for entering hexadecimal values (0xFF). Key x is for variable name x and key X= is for user variable or function definition (x=42). Big arrow on the right side of second pane is for unit conversion (1 inch -> foot). Bottom row arrow keys and backspace are for expression field editing.

Some keys have secondary function available with long press:

  • Keys 1-6 produce hexadecimal values A-F
  • Key 9 produces j for complex number imaginary part
  • Key 0x produces 0b for binary values (0b1010)
  • Key x produces character y for another variable name
  • Key X= produces (x)= for function definition (foo(x)=)
  • Keys ← and → move cursor to start or end of expression

Bottom pulley menu has functions for copying latest result or expression to clipboard, pasting clipboard contents to the expression field and clearing the history list.

For more information, see desktop SpeedCrunch documentation.




Older entries available in GitHub changelog.

0.3.2 (2018-04-24)

  • Function list uses Silica list view with quick scroll
  • Function list shows also user variables and functions
  • Added setting for filtering function list items:
    • All shows all items
    • Functions shows only built-in functions
    • Units shows only built-in units
    • Constants shows only built-in constants
    • User defined shows only user variables and functions
  • Added function list item context menus:
    • Activated normally with long press
    • Insert to expression inserts item to expression
    • Delete user defined deletes user defined item
  • History list is now managed by the engine
  • Result format change affects to history items
  • Added setting for saving session history on exit

0.3.3 (2018-07-28)

  • Fixed user defined function removing
  • Added error message displaying:
    • Autocalc errors as text field label
    • Evaluation errors as notifications
  • Function list context menu first item displays content:
    • For functions usage is displayed
    • For constants and variables value is displayed
    • For units unit name is displayed
    • Selecting item inserts it to the expression
  • Function list items are sorted alphabetically
  • Added support for recently used items:
    • Single string list remembers recently used item names
    • Recently used items are displayed first with bold text
    • Context menu item removes item from the recent list
    • New user functions and variables are automatically recent
    • Recent item list size is not currently limited
  • Compiled with SDK version 1804 for Sailfish 2.2.0

0.4.0 (2018-09-10)

  • Added setting for list font size: small, medium or large
  • Latest result in history list is displayed with bold font
  • Function list popup shows also user function expression
  • Virtual keyboard enter just closes keyboard without evaluation
  • Title line is now outside of flickable area.
  • New application icon.
  • Submitted to Jolla Store


rolfa's picture

SpeedCrunch is very useful, thanks!

syrja's picture

Jolla Harbour QA revealed that the incorrect application initialization order in main() function resulted creation of directory mdeclarativecache_pre_initialized_qapplication-XXXX under ~/.config. XXXX being some random number.

This is now fixed in version 0.3.1, but you all probably have several unnecessary directories in your ~/.config. These can be deleted.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


geher's picture

Complex numbers are not working.
Supposed to be with engine version 0.12

syrja's picture

Yes, I know. Complex numbers are turned off by default in the engine. It just needs setting to turn them on. I'll add it to the next version.

ZaytsevArtem's picture

First of all: thanks for the great calculator. It's the best I ever met.

My question is: How could I type the time format units? I can type «3.2 minute» where «2» is read not as 2 seconds but as 12 seconds (of course it's correct as we use decimal format). i.e. the result is 192 seconds but not 182. «5:2» doesn't work atm. «3 minute + 2 second» does work but is there any more simple (i.e. laconical) way?

PS: The version is 0.12.

ZaytsevArtem's picture

And btw the result time format would be appreciated. I mean when I type «9141 second» it could show me something like «2:32:21» or «152:21» or «2 hour 32 minute 21 second» or «152 minute 21 second». I know i can type «9141 second in minute» but there's decimal «152,35» again.

syrja's picture

Current SpeedCrunch engine does not support time formats. Github issue #189 has some discussion about it, but nothing concrete yet.

As a land surveyor, I can understand the request. I myself need often degrees, minutes and seconds. So, I may investigate the problem.

ZaytsevArtem's picture

Okay, thanks for the reply and for the issue link. Let's hope the problems may have been overcome.

glv1092's picture

Unable to set Angle Unit to Degree in aquafish

syrja's picture

Seems to be bug in control Z-ordering. I'll fix it.

Meanwhile, click the Radian line and drag upwards to select degrees.

olf's picture

In lack of aforementioned issues section on Github, posting two issues here (tested with Speedcrunch mobile 0.2.6-1):

  1. [Usability issue] The term "Result format" in Speedcrunch's settings is somewhat misleading, as this setting heavily influences the input of numbers (e.g. the keyboard layout), too.
    Thus I suggest changing "Result format" to "Mode" (as on most calculators) or "Numeric mode".
  2. [Feature suggestion] Support of landscape orientation
    If one enforces landscape orientation (e.g. with uirotate-free or sailfishos-patch-freerotate-phone), currently the screen layout of Speedcrunch in landscape orientation does not fit at all.
syrja's picture

The term "Result format" comes from the original desktop version of SpeedCrunch and it does not change number input. Hexadecimal mode makes letters A-F visible in buttons 1-6, but does not chage the behavior of buttons. Normal press always produces number and long press produces letter, visible or not. Also, prefix (0b, 0o, 0x) is always needed for binary, octal and hexadecimal numbers regardless of mode.

Landscape mode would need substantial chages for UI and I try to keep it as close as possible to the desktop version. So, not a top priority feature.

olf's picture

Thanks for the information on the direction of your developments and the details of usage.

olf's picture

Thanks @syrja for updating and fixing Speedcrunch mobile.
Unfortunately, on Speedcrunch's Github repository the "Issues" tab seems to be deactivated, but its Wiki is active (although empty). Please fix that, so one can submit issues.

syrja's picture

Issues now activated.

Caballlero's picture

Awesome calculator, thx

Vieno's picture

Thanks for keeping this app alive. A fine calculator which was needed.