Italian language for OKBoard

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This is the Italian language package for the gesture based keyboard OKBoard.
Note: you need OKBoard to be installed for this package to work.

The first release is based on the PAISÀ corpus ( and appears to provide most of the correct suggestions. The dictionary is roughly 90k words. I will expand the corpus and the dictionary depending on the feedback.

Big thanks to Eber42 for creating the wonderful OKBoard and to all the nice people at for the help and for the feedback!


Pacchetto di lingua italiana per la tastiera virtuale "swipe" OKBoard.
Nota: è necessario installare prima OKBoard perché il pacchetto funzioni.

La prima release è basata sul corpus PAISÀ ( è sembra prevedere il testo correttamente. Il dizionario contiene approssimativamente novantamila parole. Il corpus e il dizionario verranno ulteriormente estesi in base ai vostri suggerimenti.

Un grazie a Eber42 per aver creato OKBoard e ai ragazzi di per l'aiuto e i suggerimenti. 

Donations not necessary, but welcome :P

Application versions: 
File okboard-it-0.2-1.noarch.rpm3.44 MB14/01/2017 - 01:06
File okboard-it-0.1-1.noarch.rpm3.21 MB04/02/2016 - 00:21

- v0.2-1: Updated dict to reflect OKBoard engine 0.6
- v0.1-1: Initial release


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Any news on that?

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salve...dovresti aggiornare il dizionario all'ultimo update :)

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Absolutely. I will recompile the dict next week. I also noticed how unreliable the dict tends to be, it misses some obvious combinations of words. I will therefore expand the corpus at the same time to improve the experience.

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Hello! Do you have updates? Anything I can do to help? As of now, with this dict installed, OKBoard is completely not working, I have to uninstall it to be able to use it at least in English ;)

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Hi, do you have any update on this? Is there anything I can do to help you speed up the process?

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I am currently cloning the repo. I will hopefully release the updated version between today and tomorrow. Stay tuned :)

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This won't work with okboard 0.6. I am planning to fix this in the next few days.