Start Waze with BT (removed)

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This is a small tweak of .desktop file of the Waze app. It will allow you to start Waze app and automatically switch Bluetooth ON for fast connection to other device like car bt system, portable loudspeaker etc...

* When you close Waze, it will check if Jolla connected to any device and if no, it switch BT off. If yes, it will leave the BT on until you disconnect Jolla.
* The icon on the desktop for applying tweak after update of Waze app, because it probably will change back the .desktop file of Waze app.
* Removing package will restore .desktop file of Waze app.

* Adaptation for
* Added autoactivation after reboot.

* Small update in one of the scripts.

* Small update of .spec file for the future updates.

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)



- First build.