Patch: HTTP share folder 2

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Previous version was with small bug (wlan tethering was broken), fixed in this version!

Similar to HTTPShare FOLDER app, but now have setting (see screenshots).
For sharing all users should be on the same network. If connection broken, it will check 3 times (1 min interval), and if connection not restored in this period, service will be closed. If connection restored it will continue work, and if IP changed, it will be updated in setting.

Big thanks to Igor Brkic for the nice look of shared files and to Dmitriy Purgin for filePicker (Browse button).

- For v2.1.2.3 and above.
- QML tuning.

- For v2.1.1.23 and above.

- For v2.1.1.12 and above.

- Small tuning in qml.
- Added option to choose from which dir start to search.
- Added option to show hidden files.
- Removed bottom basel in the FilePicker.

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)

Application versions: 

- For v2.1.2.3 and above.
- QML tuning.