Patch: Event screen date & text (for Weather users)

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Enlarge City, Temperature, Date and Calendar event size, add custom text or auto-custom text and show uptime on event screen. It also can show emoji from your custom text (at least emoji's from Dolphin keyboard) ;)

Added requires packages curl and whois ( for Jolla 1 and C.
Restart lipstick (homescreen) once after applying/removing patch.

Translation you can do here:

How to use:
Apply patch->restart lipstick-> Go to Settings -> Time and Date -> Configure it as you want -> See result on Event screen.

The uptimer implemented in a little bit ugly way.
It use systemd timer that every one min start service and service start simple script that read uptime and insert result to qml...
If someone know better way to show uptime in qml and can explain/help me to implement it, will be nice.

- For v3.0.0.8 and above.

- Support both PM2 and PM3.

- For and above.

- For and above.

- For and above.

- Added option to see the time and date of special city (auto-updated every one minutes).
- Restart lipstick after applying patch.

- Fix for network name if name have spaces.

- Added option to show IP address with network name.
- Added requires packages curl and whois ( for Jolla 1 and C.
- Revision of all scripts.

- For v2.1.1.12 and above.

- Changed icon for .txt files inside FilePicker.

- Added option to choose from which dir start to search.
- Added option to show hidden files.
- Added files filter to see only *.txt in the FilePicker.
- Removed bottom basel in the FilePicker.

- Added Portuguese translation.

- gcc removed from Requires.
- regular build for tablet and phone.

- Added auto-changing space between City name and description.
- Changed Shuffle behavior.
- noarch build.

- Added option to show weather description under city.
- Updated Russian translation.

- Added option to change quantity of shown All day and Timed events.
- Added Russian translation.

- Added Auto Custom text, see how to use in description of patch.

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)

Application versions: 

- For v3.0.0.8 and above.


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Thanks, I checked your file... Sorry but it completely different and for now I can't do it. Maybe it better to ask the Meecast creator to add option for enlarging city name and temperature.

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From a Jolla 1: (on first sight, the same as gedeon's upload)

You may change "Event screen date & text" to not altering /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Weather/WeatherBanner.qml with its default settings.
Then it would be the user's choice to activate those settings, which conflict with meecast-eventview.

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I don't know how to do it inside qml (if it passible at all), because files patched on apply patch inside patchmanager setting. But I can create package that through installation will check if WeatherBanner.qml changed by meecast and will change pacth file that compatible with this (without city enlarge like in first version). But in this case if you will decide to swap to Weather app and use it on event screen and want City enlarge you should reinstall package...

P.S. Nooo, I thinking about this and decided not to do this...
1. You have weather app
2. Applied latest patch with City enlarge
3. You decided install and use Meecast
4. Meecast will override patched WeatherBanner.qml
5. Now you have problem to unapply previously applied patch.

It better if will just use the v0.1-1.

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Oh, I see.  Well, then I cannot think of any possible technical solution.
But this implies that it would make sense to address this issue organizationally.
The most simple and best solution is IMO to upload v0.1-1 to Warehouse again as a new Patch e.g. called "Event screen date & text - feature reduced version compatible with meecast-eventview", to re-enable SailfishOS users with meecast-eventview installed to install "Event screen date & text" from Warehouse.  Furthermore, this would allow you to properly distribute updates to both versions via Warehouse, in case a SailfishOS update makes an update of "Event screen date & text" necessary.  Please, please. ;)
P.S.: I think (/ hope) that quite some SailfishOS users exchanged Foreca weather for MeeCast, meecast-deamon and meecast-eventview.
P.P.S.: Note, that it is only the component "Meecast Event View" populating WeatherBanner.qml AFAICS, not the l"MeeCast for SailfishOS" proper.  You may want to correct that in the changelog above.

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Thank you so much for Patch: Event screen date & text (for Meecast-event users)!
Working nicely, looking really good, and perfectly built: Throwing out the other version while installing.

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Yes, also thinking about this as a last solution. It's possible, wait for new version with new features ;)

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I just wanted only larger date size :)

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Me, too.  The look of SFOS's Eventsview with MeeCast, meecast-eventview and "Event screen date & text" v0.1-1 installed is absolutely O.K..  IMO, there is nothing wrong with the default text sizes of MeeCast and meecast-eventview, and gedeon seems to feel the same.

We both would just like to have the recent "Event screen date & text" working well with meecast-eventview installed, again (as v0.1-1 did and still does).

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for this try to install first version.

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Thank you, it is really working ;) .

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@schturman: Thanks, the idea and your screenshots above are really nice, the rpm installs in Warehouse and the patch applies in Patchmanager flawlessly, but it does not do anything on my Jolla 1 phone under SFOS Lipstick was restarted, even rebooting and unapplying and reapplying the patch did not help.

EDIT: Oops, my bad. Thanks for your replies, obviously I just did not find the settings (which are in Settings --> Time & Date).
Kudos for another useful and beautiful Patch.

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Apply patch->restart lipstick-> Go to Settings -> Time and Date -> Configure it as you want -> See result on Event screen.

It tested and work on all my devices Jolla1/C and Tablet.

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Did you configure it in settings? Settings > Time and Date.

Works for me on jolla 1, SFOS