Auto-ambience 2

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Similar to Auto-ambience changer app, but now have setting (see screenshots).

* Apps can switch automatically between your favorite ambiences in the specific time from your list. When it finish your list it will continue from first again...
* Same script edited and now it work without "sleep" command (script not in background), app uses timer. From version 0.1-8 it use timedclient-qt5 instead system.timer (Big thanks to Simo Piiroinen for help and explanation).
* Added possibility to restore Silent profile if was before ambience changing.
* Added possibility to change Default ringtone in Personal ringtone app (if installed) to the same as in the current ambience.
* This is first build. Please report about bugs/problem.

Before you start service, create your own lists in /home/nemo/AmbienceList. Use my myexample.list as example or just use this list if your want. This list contains all your available ambiences.
List can include unlimited number of lines with your favorite ambiences. For example:


For editing your lists directly on the phone/tablet, you can use any file manager with editing option like Filetug or TinyEdit apps (NO need root access!).
In app - write your prefered hours separated by one space and write the name of your list. Choose shuffle mode if you want random order of your ambiences and press Apply.
If you need more ambiences, PM me and I will share them...

- Update for v2.2.1.18 and above.

- QML tuning for v2.1.2.3 and above.

- Added switcher to control pulseaudiorestart after silent mode.

- Added auto-restart of pulseaudio service, when phone returned from silent mode.


- gcc removed from Requires.
- noarch build.
- Reapplying setting needed!

- Testing version, should work also if phone in deep sleep mode. After update status will be changed to "inactive", reaplly your setting once.
- gcc package added as Requires. It give to the package possibility to create binary (root-helper) files directly on your device for noarch build, it happens in postinstall script. The helper.c files you can see/check in /usr/share/openrepos-autoambience2
- Changed way for timed start of script. Now it use timedclient-qt5 instead systemd.timer.
- Shuffle dot is not related to apply button anymore, it can be changed in any time without reapplying your setting.
- Added option to remove app from "How to" page.

- Added icon for z2.0.

- Fix for default ringtone in Personal Ringtones.
- Added icon for z1.25.

* Small changes in the script.

* Added time calculating to Apply button.

* Added checking command after applying ambience.

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)

Application versions: 
File autoambience2-0.2-1.noarch.rpm35.86 KB18/01/2017 - 18:50
File autoambience2-0.2-2.noarch.rpm36.21 KB12/04/2017 - 00:10
File autoambience2-0.2-3.noarch.rpm43.24 KB10/10/2017 - 22:13
File autoambience2-0.2-4.noarch.rpm47.08 KB11/09/2018 - 18:19

- Update for v2.2.1.18 and above.


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On a New Xperia, and a first boot in after flash-operation, the dependance are failled :

rpm -ivh autoambience2-0.2-4.noarch.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
	cutes-js is needed by autoambience2-0.2-4.noarch
	cutes-json-js is needed by autoambience2-0.2-4.noarch
	cutes-narwhal is needed by autoambience2-0.2-4.noarch

So as I began Sailfish with the Jolla1, I can hack this problem, and it's just a hack, but how could you soluce this, without reject this App ?

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So I can't use the ambiences I've automatically created from my photos in the ambience list? Guess I need convert them to installable ambiences.

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Actually you don't need to create instalable ambiences, you can just create folder with image and file your_name.ambience. Look in this example of salamander ambience: /usr/share/ambience/salamander

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