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Shmoose - Xmpp Client for Sailfish OS


ATTENTION!!! Database format will change until v1.0.0. All your existing conversations from a previous installation will not show up anymore after an update!!!



Starting with Sailfish OS version you need to adjust the suspend settings of your device:

* pkcon refresh
* pkcon install mce-tools
* mcetool -searly

This disables late suspend of the device. Battery drain is only slightly more at my device with this setting. This setting is persistent over reboots and has to be done only once. Without this, the longterm TCP connection will drop after a short amount of time and you won't get notifications on new messages.


What you get is:

- One to one messaging (optional with Omemo encryption as experimental feature)

- Initial group messaging (Automatic room join on inventation or join open room by address)

- Sent, received and read status of messages

- Notifications on new messages

- Send pictures


Keep in mind that this is an alpha release. Many things work. Some things may have bugs. Lot of features are missing. For current status see the project page on github:

Are you good at qml, C++ or encryption? Any help is appreciated.

Application versions: 
File harbour-shmoose-0.1.0-1.armv7hl.rpm16.23 MB25/01/2017 - 22:49
File harbour-shmoose-0.1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm16.24 MB28/01/2017 - 22:22
File harbour-shmoose-0.2.0-1.armv7hl.rpm16.23 MB15/02/2017 - 21:54
File harbour-shmoose-0.3.0-1.armv7hl.rpm16.35 MB03/08/2017 - 21:31
File harbour-shmoose-0.4.0-1.armv7hl.rpm16.35 MB12/12/2017 - 21:38
File harbour-shmoose-0.5.0-1.armv7hl.rpm2.41 MB20/02/2019 - 22:27
File harbour-shmoose-0.6.0-1.armv7hl.rpm2.43 MB03/10/2019 - 22:05
File harbour-shmoose-0.7.0-1.armv7hl.rpm4.23 MB19/12/2020 - 00:01
File harbour-shmoose-0.7.1-1.armv7hl.rpm4.23 MB08/02/2021 - 23:02
File harbour-shmoose-0.7.1-1.aarch64.rpm4.72 MB30/06/2021 - 18:37
File harbour-shmoose-0.8.0-1.armv7hl.rpm4.4 MB07/01/2022 - 14:52
File harbour-shmoose-0.8.0-1.aarch64.rpm4.89 MB07/01/2022 - 14:52


  • Omemo as optional and experimental feature
  • http_upload improvements (by ron282)
    • Content encryption
    • Support any file type
    • UI improvements


  •  Fixed UI glitch on (really) long room subject.


  • Updated Swiften to Version 4
  • Message Carbons now available
  • Improved MaM
  • Settings for notification
  • UI also available in Landscape mode
  • Pictures pitch- and zoomable
  • i18n updated
  • Many small bug fixes


  • Additionally to 1on1 messaging, the status of messages in MUC rooms will also be shown
  • Improved the simple MAM for MUC's
  • Fixed bug in http upload where put and get urls where swaped
  • i18n updates


  • Stripped binary for smaller footprint
  • Fixed room rejoin on connection handover
  • New settings dialog (by slohse)
  • i18n updates


  • message read status through xep 0333
  • http upload fixed (by slohse)
  • i18n (by Caballero)
  • sort pictures by creation date in picker
  • some gui improvements

First draft of group chats

  • Display contact avatars
  • Some gui improvements



Updated Contacts Page

  • Show names of JID's
  • Show subscription and availability status
  • Implemented contact add and remove functionality


Fixed a bug which prevents the app to close properly


khh777's picture

Does it have support of self-signed certificate?

schorsch's picture

Currently, Shmoose is not picky and trusts every certificate you present it. This will change with version 1. Or if someone adds a switch in settings by a PR.

aviarus's picture

Oh thanks. Storeman doesn't show it yet

aviarus's picture

I tried building an aarch64 package, but compiling the library failed. I also tried the newer version of the library. Could you build it for us?

schorsch's picture

Its already available at openrepos since some days ;-).

uddghsjauszg's picture

Is the master branch locked or I could just install that version?

schorsch's picture

You only have to clone the repo and follow the build instructions.

schorsch's picture

1to1 Omemo encryption is already available in the github Master Branch. I have to plan a release for this.

uddghsjauszg's picture

Hi! I like the messenger but the only think it lacks for daily use is omemo encryption. Are you planning to add it later?

schorsch's picture

Personally, I will focus on new functionality on the app level. You are welcome to try a 64bit build. Should work with some rebuild effort on the depending external libraries. Please make a Pull Request with the needed changes when you succeed on that.

aviarus's picture

could you please build an aarch64-version? :)

4carlos's picture

Wow, a big step forward and today much better than that poor Jolla support.

My wishlist:

1. omemo

2. MUC

3. emoji

4. file transfer

5. edit sent messages


schorsch's picture

Everytime I start working on this, some more important topic needs to be addressed. Omemo is not done on one weekend like other xeps. The encryption stuff has to be done right. But omemo is still on my list!

norayr's picture

hello. please add omemo support. (:

schorsch's picture

Have a look at the githup page. You can see all development activities there ;-).

norayr's picture

yes, thank you!

i didn't see updates on openrepos, and thought the project is abandoned.

thanks for supporting it and for great job.

can you may be do more often releases, so we get updates more often?

schorsch's picture

New updates will only work on new SFOS versions, because the new features need the more modern compiler version. But with the new SFOS version, I encountered a odd behaviour. Have a look here:

I will not release a new version until I find the issue of that. If you can help, it would be appreciated!

predator2019's picture

Hi Schorsch! Are you still working on an update? Is the project under development?

schorsch's picture

Hello. I sent you an xmpp authorisation request via shmoose yesterday, but did not get an response until now. Can you check your xmpp client?

will99's picture

Maybe this is something for filing in github but I report it here first:

Http file upload might be not compatible with all servers. I use prosody with an external webserver (mod_http_upload_external). For uploading an image to the sever the put-URL has to have an extra argument (v2):


This extra argument is to prevent others from uploading unwanted content to the webserver and is presented by the server in the put-tag but is skipped by shmoose, resulting in the server not accepting the upload.

Could that be fixed? Many thanks.

A loyal shmoose user.


schorsch's picture


That's interessting. I just had a quick look at the code and it should use the complete url for the put address - independed what it looks like. Is it possible to get an test account on your server? That would make resolving of the problem a lot easier.

will99's picture

Hallo Schorsch,

of course, a test account is possible. Can you send me a message via shmoose to:

I will prepare the account and send the credetials back than.

Regards Wilhelm


4carlos's picture

Oh, i'm sorry. Didn't see that and it sounds great. Will give a try.

barbaar's picture

Hi there,

xmpp with omemo is one of the few things that keep me from switching to sailfish -still using lineage with conversations- 

Installed shmoose 4.1 omemo from github. As far as I can see sending encrypted messages to conversations seems to work, receiving messages doesn't.

I'm not good at programming more of type poweruser, is there anything I could do to support?

Thank You so far 

schorsch's picture

Hi. I also tested mainly against Conversations. It worked for me in bot ways. Please have a look at the github page. There is a description where the logs are located. Take them, remove your private stuff and open a github issue with that log files. Hopefully I am able to track down the cause.

schorsch's picture

You have to also watch the branches ;-). There is an omemo beta release.

4carlos's picture

Any progress here last times? GitHub does not show any changes since Feb 2019.

norayr's picture

thank you for the application. i don't use android compatibility layer so it solves the muc problem.

the most important features to me today are:

XEP-0313 message archive

XEP-0280 message carbons

XEP-0363 http file upload

4carlos's picture

Thanks for replay

4carlos's picture

Will the project be further developed? The last version is from December 2017 and there are some gaps in functionality.

Desirable would be background notification when Shmoose is closed and Omemo encryption.