Finnish keyboard layout with Presage based input predictor

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Finnish keyboard layout with Presage based input predictor

This keyboard layout utilizes an open-source text prediction solution (not the Xt9 engine shipped by the Jolla). It allows you to use it on community supported language pack or if you have a ported device, in addition to the official ones.

The predicted words are generated by the presage library. The presage predictions coming from various plugins:

    ngram: this plugin uses a database generated from text corpuses. Basically it tries to match your typed word with sentence fragments in the database and offers the words from those segments.
    user-ngram: this plugin works the same manner as the ngram, but it's database is expanded continously as you type.
    hunspell: it tries to spellcheck the currently typed word with hunspell and if it found to be mistyped it will suggest the correct version as well. I know voikko is the current way people go, but I dont mind an updated hunspell dictionary since hunspell is what presage supports. Voikko is not compatible.

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File keyboard-presage-fi_fi-1.0-1.noarch.rpm8.71 KB11/12/2018 - 14:27

- Initial packaging


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Doesn't install on Xperia 10 II due to a missing maliit-presage-plugin version 1.1.0 for aarch64.

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Thanks for reporting it. Will have to bump the version for presage plugin compiled for aarch64

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How about Chinese?

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We are waiting for an interested programmer to implement unicode support in presage. Then it should be possible.

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very good