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extra surfraw search tools with heavy dependencies
surfraw-extra contains extra website search tools for surfraw that
have large dependency trees. Currently surfraw-extra only contains
support tools for the opensearch elvi:
opensearch-discover - find an opensearch link from a URL.
opensearch-genquery - construct a search URL from an opensearch description
Surfraw - Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the World Wide Web
Surfraw provides a fast unix command line interface to a variety of
popular WWW search engines and other artifacts of power. It reclaims
google, altavista, dejanews, freshmeat, research index, slashdot
and many others from the false-prophet, pox-infested heathen lands of
html-forms, placing these wonders where they belong, deep in unix
heartland, as god loving extensions to the shell.
Surfraw abstracts the browser away from input. Doing so lets it get
on with what it's good at. Browsing. Interpretation of linguistic
forms is handed back to the shell, which is what it, and human
beings are good at. Combined with incremental text browsers, such
as links, w3m (or even lynx), and screen(1), or netscape-remote
a Surfraw liberateur is capable of research speeds that leave
GUI tainted idolaters agape with fear and wonder.

Application versions: 
File surfraw-extra_2.2.8-1_all.deb46.84 KB05/08/2013 - 15:04

surfraw (2.2.8-1) unstable; urgency=low

* New upstream version
+ SURFRAW_graphical_remote defaults to off, as chromium
doesn't support '-remote openURL()' (Closes: #628683).
* Move opensearch elvi to main surfraw package.
It now has an optional mode that uses a redirector
if the dependencies are not installed.
* debian/rules:
+ hardcode AWK as awk (Closes: #608967).
+ use dh_prep instead of dh_clean -k.
+ add build-arch and build-indep targets.
* debian/control:
+ Build-Depends: bump debhelper dependency to (>= 7).
+ Standards-Version: 3.9.2.
+ surfraw-extra: convert Conflicts: to Breaks:.
+ surfraw:
* Breaks: surfraw-extra (<= 2.2.7-1)
as we have taken over /usr/lib/surfraw/opensearch.
* Recommends: surfraw-extra: add version of (>> 2.2.7-1).
* Tweak Description.
* debian/source/format: explicitly specify 1.0 source format.