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multiple repository bootstrap based on apt
A debootstrap replacement with multiple repository support,
using apt to handle all dependency issues and conflicts.
Multistrap includes support for native and foreign architecture
bootstrap environments. Foreign bootstraps only need minimal
configuration on the final device. Also supports cleaning up the
generated bootstrap filesystem to remove downloaded packages and
hooks to modify the files in the bootstrap filesystem after the
packages have been unpacked but before being configured.
Unlike debootstrap, multistrap relies on working versions of
dpkg and apt outside the final filesystem. If dpkg supports
MultiArch, foreign architecture libraries can be installed,
where available.
Multistrap supercedes emdebian-rootfs and replaces the previous
support for preparing root filesystems for specific machines and
variants. Multistrap includes the previous emdebian-rootfs support
for customisation of package selection and of files created
within the root filesystem.

Application versions: 
File multistrap_2.1.19_all.deb111.91 KB05/08/2013 - 15:07

multistrap (2.1.19) experimental; urgency=low

* Fix multiarch/unstable support for packages listings.
* Fix sprintf formatting for new multiarch warning string.