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Package contains libraries, required by other applications as dependencies. Do not install separately.

Library for cryptographic hashing and message authentication
Mhash is a library that provides a uniform interface to a large
number of hash algorithms. These algorithms can be used to compute
checksums, message digests, and other signatures. The HMAC support
implements the basics for message authentication, following RFC 2104.
Mhash also provides several key-generation algorithms, including
those of OpenPGP (RFC 2440). Further information is available at
This package contains the shared library.


Application versions: 
File libmhash2_0.9.9.9-1_armel.deb152.44 KB04/08/2013 - 23:29

mhash ( unstable; urgency=low

* New upstream version.
* include/mutils/ Remove PACKAGE_ variables from
include file. (closes: Bug#473204)
* include/mutils/mhash.h: Manually patch mhash_get_hash_name to return
"char *". (closes: Bug#354206)
* debian/control: Bump standards-version to 3.8.3 (no changes).
* Remove unused maintainer scripts.
* debian/control, debian/compat: Use debhelper version 5.