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library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms
This library computes Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) in one or more dimensions.
It is extremely fast. This package contains the shared library version of the
fftw libraries in double precision.
To get the static library and the header files you need to install fftw-dev.
For documentation and test programs, install fftw-docs


Application versions: 
File fftw2_2.1.3-22_armel.deb365.12 KB04/08/2013 - 22:01

fftw (2.1.3-22) unstable; urgency=low

* Add missed patches from 2.1.3-20.1 to dpatch (closes: #480908)
* Call autoreconf to avoid shipping Makefile.inS in diff.gz
* debian/control: add build-depends on autotools-dev, autoconf and automake
* debian/control: add build-conflicts on autoconf2.13, automake1.4
* debian/rules: add build-depends on dpatch
* debian/rules: use $(CURDIR), not `pwd`
* debian/rules: do not ignore clean failures
* debian/control: bump Standards-Version to 3.7.3
* debian/control: fftw-docs to Section doc
* debian/control: {,s}fftw-dev use binary:Version, not Source-Version