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Interface between MTA and virus scanner/content filters
AMaViSd-new is a script that interfaces a mail transport agent (MTA) with
zero or more virus scanners, and spamassassin (optional).
It supports all common virus scanners (more than 20 different AVs), with
direct talk-to-daemon support for ClamAV, OpenAntiVirus, Trophie, AVG,
f-prot, and Sophos AVs.
AMaViSd-new supports all MTAs through its generic SMTP/LMTP filter mode
(ideal for postfix and exim). It is faster and safer to use the SMTP/LMTP
filter mode than using the AMaViS pipe client. It supports sendmail milter
through the amavisd-new-milter package.

Application versions: 
File amavisd-new_2.7.1-2_all.deb923.58 KB14/11/2013 - 20:56

amavisd-new (1:2.7.1-2) unstable; urgency=low

* [02ccf50] Add free lha decompresser (Closes: #677692)