Advanced Geocaching Tool for Linux

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AGTL, the all-in-one solution for on- and offline geocaching, makes geocaching paperless!
It downloads geocaches including their description, hints, difficulty levels and images. No premium account needed. Searching for caches in your local db is a matter of seconds.
- Map view - supporting Open Street Maps and Open Cycle Maps by default, configurable for other map types, including google maps.
- GPS view - shows the distance and direction to the selected geocache.
- Cache details - all necessary details are available even in offline mode.
- Paperless geocaching features - take notes for a geocache on the go, see the hints and spoiler images, check the latest logs.
- Multicache calculation help - Let your phone do the math for you. Working for the most multi-stage geocaches, AGTL finds the coordinate calculations and let you enter the missing variables.
- Fieldnotes support - Ever came home after a long tour and asked yourself which geocaches you found? Never again: Log your find in the field and upload notes and log text when you're at home. Review them on the geocaching website and post the logs.
- Text-to-Speech-Feature! - Select a target, activate TTS and put your headphones on to enjoy completely stealth geocaching.
- Download map tiles for selected zoom levels - for offline use.
- Advanced waypoint handling - AGTL finds waypoints in the geocache descriptions, in the list of waypoints and even in your notes. For your convenience, they're displayed on the map as well - see where you have to go next.
- Search for places - in the database to navigate quickly.
- Sun compass - Compensates the lack of a magnetic compass.
- Instant update feature - Follow web site updates as soon as possible.
AGTL is Open source and in active development.

Application versions: 
File advancedcaching_0.8.0.7-0harmattan1_all.deb200.05 KB05/08/2013 - 14:53

advancedcaching ( unstable; urgency=low

* Port Qt to PySide (port_to_pyside.patch)
* Enable Qt frontend by default (provide_qt_launcher.patch)
* Drop python-location dependency for now