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Xbmcremote is an application that puts you in control of your XBMC box using mobile devices. You can browse the library, create playlists and view/control the currently played media.

Xbmcremote for Sailfish supports all features you might expect from a remote.

These include:

  • Browse Audio/Video Library/Filesystem, Pictures and TV Channels
  • Play Audio/Video/Pictures
  • Add/Remove songs/videos to/from playlist
  • Key input (Left, Right, OK, Back etc.)
  • Play/Pause, Skip, Fast Forward/Backward, Repeat, Shuffle
  • Subtitle and audio track selection
  • Volume (allows you to define custom commands if you have an external amplifier that cannot controlled directly through XBMC).
  • Automatically lowers volume or pauses videos and music during calls.
  • Wake on Lan to wake up your XBMC
  • Media artwork and extended details

The supported versions of XBMC are both v12 Frodo and v13 Gotham



Application versions: 
File harbour-xbmcremote-1.5.1-1.armv7hl.rpm436.04 KB11/08/2014 - 22:00
File harbour-xbmcremote-1.6.0-1.armv7hl.rpm447.14 KB24/08/2014 - 00:09

- show controls dock, containing playback and volume buttons, when playing media
- add support for browsing PVR recordings
- show EPG as details of TV channel
- hide Live TV menu option and setting when PVR isn't enabled in XBMC
- hide browser control bar when an item is expanded
- fix crash in host discovery
- fix opening of Live TV menu item
- fix sort icon direction in browser
- fix size of reboot icon
- fix issue where stopping music playback wouldn't disable playback controls
- fix playing a song using the music => recently added => songs menu


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I've upgraded to sailfish 1.1.9 pre-release and the videos button in the main screen looks a bit smaller than music or pictures. Other than that I've found it works great.


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What should I do?

The app detects the host, but the connection fails every time. I can't find a way to check the settings of the autodetected host. If I add a new host, the automatic detection overrides it immediately.

Yatse works perfectly on my Jolla, so the connection should be ok.

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Thanks for your feedback. What are the exact steps you're taking? You get the connections dialog, select/mark the host, and then accept the dialog? Either by making the forward swipe or clicking the "Connect" button in the header.

If that's the case could you also verify that in XBMC the "Allow programms on other systems to control XBMC" settings is enabled? (Settings -> Services -> Remote Control, in XBMC Gotham). It is probably enabled because Yatse also works, but I'd like to rule out that as the issue.

And while you're in the settings, could you (temporarily) disable the "Announce these services to other systems via zeroconf" (Services -> Zeroconf). With that disabled the XBMC instance shouldn't be detected by the app, so you can manually add the host without it getting overriden. Currently the host settings get automatically overriden based on either the same name or the same IP address of the auto detected host. If it works with Zeroconf disabled we could do some further investigation on which settings are auto detected, and why those don't work.

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Thanks, now it works! "Allow programs on other systems to control XBMC" wasn't enabled. But how can Yatse work even without it?

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My guess would be it uses the deprecated HTTP API, and that that API doesn't diffentiate remote and local clients..