Colour Chooser

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choose a RGB colour from sliders for red, green and blue
– optionally: use HSL values (hue, saturation and lightness)

This simple app lets you choose a RGB colour by mixing the portions of red, green and blue. Each colour has its slider ranging from 0 to 255. The current colour is displayed in a small box, the application cover page and also in full screen mode. For the ones memorizing their colour triplets, you also can fill them in – or use the text field for copy and paste.

HSL colours (hue, saturation and lightness) are also supported for displaying.



Application versions: 

- fixed a bug in the german translation
- when converting a RGB color to HSL the values are now rounded in a proper way
- the fullscreen view has been made easier to read
- cover page layout fixed
- loading a colour from the cover page now works correctly


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A nice little app!, but I found one small bug, which I also have in one of my own apps. When the app is minimised to cover and a user taps (any of the 3) say, the fullscreen icon, then minimises the page and taps the fullscreen icon again, then 2 instances of fullscreen are exhibited, where as tapping the icon again that already loaded the page, should simply display the already pushed page, but it doesn't it just stacks up another new page.
Let me know if you solve it, as i'm having no luck with this scenario in my own app.

EDIT: I sorted the problem, see my post on TJC and check out the onTriggered part of the code, this means pages can come into view without a jerky animation and it also prevents more than one instance of any page launched from cover.

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Thanks :) handy for development on SFOS !

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