Automated Tutor

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Our App, “Automated Tutor”, has been designed to help new students in Lappeenranta to complete their registration and various other formalities and tasks in different parts of the city. It has a map of Lappeenranta with all the pinned locations. These important locations are places that every student has to visit (Uni campus, LOAS Office, Railway Station, Supermarkets ,Magistrati , Pharmacy, Railway, Station, Hospital, Bank…), together with an additional note for each location.

Physically, the app's screen will have 3 parts: a big Google map of Lappeenranta, a list of events on the left side and lists of important locations for newcomers on the right side. When a user clicks on an object, certain information will appear on the screen.

Features of the Automated Tutor :-

1. Directions: When the user click on a Event or Location button, the app zooms in the map, show the
direction to that place using WALKING mode. When the user double-clicks on the place button,
the map displays the exact location. When user clicks on the marker he can see the event details and time.

2. Markers with Event Info: On the Google map, there are several markers. Each marker points to a place of interest, showing the exact location and an information window containing
necessary information about events at the pointed place.

3. Street View: Google streetview is also available in this app. The user need to drag-n-drop the
streetview icon into the desired place in the map.

4. Realtime Dynamic Google Map:The Map retains all the functionalities of the Google Map:
zoom-able, scrollable.

5. OnClick Ability: The buttons differentiate single-click and double click. Single-click shows
directions while double-click shows detailed information of events at a particular place.


In the initializing stage, the Google map centers at Lappeenranta, showing the whole city together with several markers. In order to see a marker in detail, the user should zoom in the map by clicking on the map area. Another functionality of the app is to show direction. It can show the direction from current location to the place of the marker

Application versions: 
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