OSM Scout Server Module: Fonts

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This is a module of OSM Scout Server. This module contains Noto (TM, Google) fonts used for rendering maps.

This module is required only if you use OSM Scout Server's Mapnik rendering backend. You don't need it if you use vector tiles or libosmscout for raster tile rendering.

Please install this module and keep this application installed if you want to use OSM Scout Server's Mapnik rendering backend. There is no need to run application provided by the module, it is just required to be installed to use certain features of the server.

The modular approach is used starting from 0.10 version of OSM Scout Server. Modules will not intervene with the earlier versions of the server and can be installed before 0.10 is released.

Modular approach allows to deliver and update independent parts of the server separately. For example, large fonts package can be installed and kept on device while the rest of the server is updated.

Module license: LGPL
Module source code: https://github.com/rinigus/osmscout-server/tree/master/modules/fonts

Screenshots show rendered maps using the fonts.



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File harbour-osmscout-server-module-fonts-0.10.0-1.noarch.rpm32.07 MB04/06/2017 - 16:29


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Really strange. I don't have access to this release of SFOS. Usually, pkcon refresh should help. This module is available via Jolla Store as well, maybe more luck via that?

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On Jolla C with Jämsänjoki the installation fails with the following error:

Could you please doublecheck the package's dependencies?