Rush Hour

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!!!If the network is changed from wifi to cellular or vice versa the traffic data is not updated any more. Restarting the app solves the problem.

The idea of the software is to give you actual traffic info in Finland and to help you to design your travelling based on actual and historical data.

In the map view yellow inside of a sign tells the data is less than five minutes old. Orange inside tells the data is more than five minutes but less than ten minutes old.  Red inside tells the data is more than ten minutes old. Pure red is a station with no data in the phone or the data aquisition is on going. The chart view can be entered by tapping the traffic sign.

Cars per hour are shown in the blue box below the sign. Entering the box the chart view is opened

Known limitations:

 - Speed signs telling average speed and car amounts may be on the wrong and opposite side of the road

 - History curve has to be made regularily manually after one week usage. The app may hang up to two minutes to make history.

 - If no history is made the database size may increase very big if the app is used regularly causing decrease of the user experience

 - The code (if you dare to look that) is still guite messy. Before publishing the rpm I have transferred the latest code version to the Github for you to be able to install from software also. In future I would like to provide also srpm package if I find a way to make one with Qt Creator.

 - QtLocation 5.0 is not currently accepted by Jolla Harbour so the Harbour release needs more time and work

Source code:





- LAM-number format change e.g. 448<>23448
- LAM data source and format changed causing multiple changes to the code


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I just noticed two bugs. First prevents timedclient usage. The bug can be removed by editing Settings.qml line 224. Changing useTimedclient ->useTimedclientCh solves the issue.

Another bug is related to Day light savings time. I recommend not to create History data before fixing that.

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First bug is fixed in the version 0.1.2. Second one is partly assessed. Not sure yet if the problem is solved.

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The app should work now, version 0.1.3.