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A Bitwarden client for Sailfish OS that uses the official Bitwarden CLI in the background.

All your sensitive data is stored in Sailfish secrets storage. Your password is stored only when you enable other options for unlocking your vault (PIN code, system dialog).

Note that this app is a work in progress and aims to support almost everything the Android app does.

Requires node.js and npm. My repository has a version for aarch64 and i486 so it should be installed automatically for those architectures.

What works:

  • Logging in via api key or email & password
    • email & password not available if you use two factor authentication
  • Unlocking vault via following methods:
    • master password
    • PIN code
    • system dialog / fingerprint
  • Listing of items (logins, credit cards, notes, identities)
    • Searching in the list
  • Adding items (logins, credit cards, notes)
  • Seeing a detail of an item
    • Copying of field values (like username, password, note etc.)
    • Each item type has its own cover page which allows you to copy most used items (like username, password and TOTP for logins) without opening the app
    • Generating TOTP (one time passwords) works
    • Custom fields
  • Listing of Bitwarden Sends
    • Copying URL of Bitwarden Send in list
  • Synchronizing vault
  • Various settings to make loading of the vault faster, some of them experimental
  • Localizations:
    • English
    • Czech
    • French (by 7185)

Source code:

Application versions: 
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.0-1.aarch64.rpm76.66 KB27/09/2022 - 00:26
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.0-1.armv7hl.rpm73.07 KB27/09/2022 - 00:26
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.0-1.i486.rpm81.98 KB27/09/2022 - 00:26
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.1-1.i486.rpm85.34 KB27/09/2022 - 14:04
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.1-1.aarch64.rpm79.99 KB27/09/2022 - 14:04
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.2-1.i486.rpm130.15 KB27/09/2022 - 19:14
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.2-1.aarch64.rpm124.81 KB27/09/2022 - 19:14
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.3-1.i486.rpm130.76 KB27/09/2022 - 20:12
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.3-1.aarch64.rpm125.36 KB27/09/2022 - 20:12
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.4-1.i486.rpm141.34 KB28/09/2022 - 00:17
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.4-1.aarch64.rpm136 KB28/09/2022 - 00:17
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.5-1.i486.rpm143.27 KB01/10/2022 - 02:20
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.5-1.aarch64.rpm137.82 KB01/10/2022 - 02:20
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.6-1.i486.rpm150.36 KB02/10/2022 - 15:05
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.6-1.aarch64.rpm143.7 KB02/10/2022 - 15:05
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.6-1.armv7hl.rpm139.83 KB02/10/2022 - 18:39
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.7-1.aarch64.rpm144.21 KB03/10/2022 - 15:36
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.7-1.armv7hl.rpm140.04 KB03/10/2022 - 15:36
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.7-1.i486.rpm150.92 KB03/10/2022 - 15:36
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.8-1.i486.rpm159.68 KB04/10/2022 - 15:55
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.8-1.armv7hl.rpm149.14 KB04/10/2022 - 15:55
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.8-1.aarch64.rpm152.75 KB04/10/2022 - 15:55
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.9-1.i486.rpm160.83 KB06/10/2022 - 16:03
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.9-1.armv7hl.rpm150.39 KB06/10/2022 - 16:03
File harbour-bitsailor-0.1.9-1.aarch64.rpm153.96 KB06/10/2022 - 16:03
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.0-1.i486.rpm162.42 KB06/10/2022 - 18:49
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.0-1.armv7hl.rpm151.77 KB06/10/2022 - 18:49
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.0-1.aarch64.rpm155.41 KB06/10/2022 - 18:49
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.1-1.i486.rpm165.15 KB08/10/2022 - 15:42
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.1-1.armv7hl.rpm153.94 KB08/10/2022 - 15:42
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.1-1.aarch64.rpm157.66 KB08/10/2022 - 15:42
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.2-1.i486.rpm167.4 KB25/10/2022 - 19:48
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.2-1.armv7hl.rpm156.46 KB25/10/2022 - 19:48
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.2-1.aarch64.rpm159.97 KB25/10/2022 - 19:48
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.3-1.i486.rpm167.35 KB06/11/2022 - 04:44
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.3-1.armv7hl.rpm156.42 KB06/11/2022 - 04:44
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.3-1.aarch64.rpm159.98 KB06/11/2022 - 04:44
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.4-1.i486.rpm171.67 KB10/12/2022 - 01:45
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.4-1.armv7hl.rpm160.51 KB10/12/2022 - 01:45
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.4-1.aarch64.rpm164.62 KB10/12/2022 - 01:45
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.5-1.i486.rpm176.52 KB12/12/2022 - 17:51
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.5-1.armv7hl.rpm165.5 KB12/12/2022 - 17:51
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.5-1.aarch64.rpm169.25 KB12/12/2022 - 17:51
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.6-1.i486.rpm196.62 KB06/02/2023 - 03:50
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.6-1.armv7hl.rpm181.55 KB06/02/2023 - 03:50
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.6-1.aarch64.rpm186.91 KB06/02/2023 - 03:50
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.7-1.i486.rpm194.34 KB16/03/2023 - 01:47
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.7-1.armv7hl.rpm177.99 KB16/03/2023 - 01:47
File harbour-bitsailor-0.2.7-1.aarch64.rpm182.78 KB16/03/2023 - 01:47


  • Fix: App crashing when navigating back while loading something from Bitwarden
  • Add option to clean up data on login page


  • Adding items works now
  • Some under the hood improvements


  • added option to change the Bitwarden URL on login screen
  • added French localization by 7185, thank you!


  • moved generator from pull up menu to its own icon
  • added setting to change Bitwarden URL


  • Fixed various issues with copying items to clipboard
  • Added a message when no sends are created


  • Added support for listing Bitwarden Sends
  • Added support for copying Bitwarden Send URLs


  • Added support for identities
  • General improvements


  • Added option to update Bitwarden CLI in settings
  • Fix app not working when global installation of Bitwarden CLI is present
  • Added notification when Bitwarden CLI hasn't been updated for a while


  • Added cover page for card detail
  • Smaller logo is displayed on login detail cover


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added cards list and card detail


  • Added support for notes
  • Session id is passed in env variables instead of command arguments


  • All cached data are stored on disk encrypted (you might need to disable and then enable system auth if it's enabled)


  • Added more cover types
  • Added password generation


  • Added support for TOTP
  • Updated cover actions


  • Added cover actions


  • Added item detail
  • Added fast unlock


  • Added option to clean up all app data


  • initial release


Rikudou_Sennin's picture

Any chance you've got logs? I can't really find the cause if I don't know what happens.

Did it happen on your first run? If not, did you change any settings?

explit's picture

Looks very promising and works good! Thanks. @Nemishkor has already tried to port Bitwarden to SF, but he stopped at early alpha stage. Maybe work together on this project brings more features and stability....

Rikudou_Sennin's picture

Thanks for your kind words!

Nemishkor's and mine are fundamentally different approaches, while they reimplemented the core I'm basically writing a GUI for an official command line client by Bitwarden which makes developing much easier and faster. It also means I don't have to be responsible for the internal Bitwarden security which is something I wanted to avoid.

But of course, the app is open source, so anyone can contribute!