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SciPy v0.14.0 is a Python module for scientific calculations, using C/C++, Fortran, BLAS and LAPACK. SciPy supplements the popular NumPy module (python-numpy package), gathering a variety of high level science and engineering modules together as a single package.

SciPy is a set of open source scientific and numeric tools for Python. It currently supports special functions, integration, ordinary differential equation (ODE) solvers, gradient optimization, genetic algorithms, parallel programming tools, an expression-to-C++ compiler for fast execution, and others.

For interactive use of SciPy, it is recommended to install IPython.

On MeeGo Harmattan, SciPy 0.14.0 takes 45MB, but it also installs python-decorator, NumPy >= 1.9.0, libgfortran3, libblas3gf and liblapack3gf, total of approx. 70MB.

See the Talk topic about "SciPy for MeeGo Harmattan".


Application versions: 
File python-scipy_0.14.0-1harmattan1_armel.deb10.85 MB29/09/2014 - 05:53
File python-scipy-dbg_0.14.0-1harmattan1_armel.deb20.66 MB29/09/2014 - 05:53

SciPy 0.14.0 (03/05/2014) : first release for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan (28/09/2014).