Machines Vs. Machines

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A classic Tower defense game. Your defensive machines against the invading hordes of alien robot overlords.

Original game from from Michael Zanetti,

I've implemented some fixes and packaged.





version 1.3.6 sailjail conf file fixes
* migrate to new sailjail paths
* copy old config if it exists

version 1.3.5 Sailjail permissions release.
* the Audio perms where missing in 1.3.4
* UserDir and removable media perms implemented for future levelpack feature.


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Hello, very great game, makes a lot of fun. But it dont save my progress on Sailfish 4.3 (Xperia X).

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Do you know where your home directory is? is it /home/defaultuser ?

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Yes, its /home/defaultuser

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Are you running 4.4? It could be the configs are still stored in the old location, .config/harbour-machines-vs-machines-sfos/harbour-machines-vs-machines-sfos.conf

I need to write migration code for that, which I haven't gotten to....

Could you please check if you have



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There is no harbour-machines-vs-machines-sfos in the /home/defaultuser/.config now runs 4.4 (now installed) - but same problem, it loses the progress. Where should the cfg be saved?

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Ok, just updated with an sailjail conforming path + migration so that old users (like me ;) don't get axed. Let me know if this works.

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Hello, it works with the new version! Thankyou very much for fast help and a very funny game! Great job!

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Yipee! It was a bit of pain, but I may have learned something! ... have fun!

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It's an odd problem that I haven't worked out the solution to, but you can try this. In a terminal app:

# cd ~/.config

# mkdir harbour-machines-vs-machines-sfos

# touch harbour-machines-vs-machines-sfos/harbour-machines-vs-machines-sfos.config

That should create the directory and a blank file for the app to use.

Another option in the terminal is to disable 'Sandboxing=Disabled':

# devel-su

# vi /usr/share/applications/harbour-machines-vs-machines-sfos.desktop

and delete the permissions line, add


I'm working on a solution.