Galaxy Attack HD

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A classic space based shooter written to take advantage of todays devices with accelerometers and touch screens.

Complete with infinite levels, accelerometer controls, hi scores, web based global scores and a touch friendly, fluid interface.

Use the accelerometer or on-screen buttons for control of the ship.

Main menu is the arrow button in the top right or hardware menu button.

PLEASE leave a review, positive or not so that I know if you like it and what to improve, and please contact me for support, I am very happy to help and look at additional features.



Application versions: 
File galaxy-attack-hd- MB08/10/2014 - 01:32
File galaxy-attack-hd- MB11/10/2014 - 19:50
File harbour-pgz-galaxy-attack-hd-1.0.4-1.armv7hl.rpm1.33 MB04/02/2016 - 22:52

Updated .desktop file so hopefully game opens correctly


Jordi's picture

Nice little game!

A small problem though, have to reboot to start it again.

piggz's picture

How do you exit the game?

ninepine's picture

Did a reboot and it now runs on the Jolla thanks.
May need more RAM than was available when I first installef and ran.

ninepine's picture

Unfortunately it still crashes on launch even after the upgrade.

piggz's picture

Can you guys try now and feedback?

cocovina's picture

The last version runs OK already. THX for giving us a funny time with Jolla. :)

Valker's picture

Works for me. No problems at all.

piggz's picture

Phew, atleast im not totally crazy.  What is your phone, a Jolla?


P.S. if you like it, leave some stars ;)

piggz's picture

Ok...I've rebuilt the rom for my device, and the app now fails to load through the icon, but works at the cli...which is odd because the command is the same! I'll investigate

Upp15's picture


Haven't opened for me once ...

cvp's picture

Super Game. I also have no problems when opening the game in the second time.
However, there is a sound problem, I think level 4 Where to shoot an extra life. I have it unfortunately never been able to meet. But if he flies away, the sound remains constant, no matter how long I play or die. I have to completely close the game.

Valker's picture

Exiting from the game seems to close the UI only while a background process (galaxy-attack-hd) is left running. After killing it, one can start the game again...

piggz's picture

Hmm, no matter what I try, i dont have any processes left over.  Does it make a difference if you exit from the in-game menu or swiping down or closing from minimized?

Valker's picture

hmm... it seems to be quite random and right now I can't reproduce it at all.

piggz's picture

ah cool, something to look at

yuri's picture

the game is beautiful, the first time i run it, it works perfectly, but the second time it doesn't run... after rebooting jolla, the game works again.

piggz's picture

Sorry guys, I'll take a look. Unfortunately it works fine on my non Jolla Sailfish device!!

cocovina's picture

Can I look for some logs and provide it for you?

cocovina's picture

Firts run OK. But can not open again. :( same as mw88.

mw88's picture

Unfortunately the app crashes to tile view screen after a short time of loading on my jolla@ Seems like a promising idea, though. If you need further debugging information, let me know.