[SFOS 1.0 only] Patch: Reduce the remorse timer

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Obsolete, no longer maintained. Use this patch instead.
This is an old version for SFOS 1.0, re-uploaded on request. It will not work in 2.0. Use on your own risk. I no longer have a way to test it.

Application versions: 
File patch-silica-shortremorse-0.0.1-3.noarch.rpm5.51 KB28/11/2015 - 18:33

- Added dependency on an older version of SFOS to prevent installation on 2.0.

0.0.1-2 (removed)
- Updated comments.

0.0.1-1 (removed)
- First build.


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Sorry to be troublesome for you, I am using version again. I really don't like the os 2.0. The new patch by ancelad doesn't work on Can you send me the patch to me? email:286225801@qq.com thank you!

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Can do, but am extremely busy right now. Gimme a couple of days, say by this Friday.

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You've done it, thank you very very much!

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OK, thank you very much!

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There is now a better version of the same thing, published by Ancelad:


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Previously, this patch wasn't working for me on SFOS (Yliaavanlampi). 

I have since updated to SFOS (Aijanpaivanjarvi) reinstalled the patch and it's now working! :)


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Thanks ! Usefull !

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I installed today the patchmanager for the first time and I installed a few patches: this is just one of the best!


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Nice one Pichlo! - I was going to ask the community to create this one, based on MY findings.

Credit where credit is due - why credit ssahla?, all he did was copy my findings from TJC.

See this post from myself on TJC, predating ssahla's post on TMO - https://together.jolla.com/question/3244/remorse-timer-actions-and-remor...


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My sincerest apologies, I was not aware of that. I do not follow TJC that often and may miss easily things. To ssahla's credit, he has posted a correction to the same effect on TMO: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1463541#post1463541.

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Thanks Pichlo, much appreciated. :) 

Sadly, the patch isn't working on my Jolla, but this maybe because i have manually altered the remorseitem files. At some point, i will recorrect the files and try your patch again.


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Yes, that's how Patchmanager works. All patches are just a list of differences that need to be applied to the original file. If the original is altered, the patch will fail to apply.

I have an improvement lined up courtesy of Ancelad, it's just a question of when I get to it. But it will suffer the same problem if your original QML has been altered.

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Hey Pichlo, I put the remorseitem.qml and remorsepopup.qml files back to their original 5000ms, rebooted and tried to apply your patch again, yet still it fails.
I then removed your patch completely, rebooted and installed it again, but upon applying the patch again, i still get the error that it failed - very odd. this isn't criticism, on the contrary, i would prefer to use your patch rather than manually edit, but it's a no-go. 
Any suggestions welcomed :)