[SFOS 1.0 only] Patch: Lock screen date in one line

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Rendered obsolete by the UI changes in SFOS 2.0.

Re-uploaded on request by some users refusing to upgrade to 2.0 but added a dependency on an older OS. As I am on 2.0 and have no way of testing it, I rely on the users to provide feedback.

Application versions: 
File patch-lockscreen-onelinedate-0.0.1-2.noarch.rpm3.98 KB17/11/2015 - 16:51

- Added dependancy on older version of Sailfish to avoid installation in 2.0

- First build.


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I have version 1.7, it works ok

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Thanks for your feedback!

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Not working on ))

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Yes, sorry. I missed the first 1.1.4.x release due to being busy and away and then I had to wait for a re-release. An update will come soon (that is a real "soon", not a Jolla "soon" ;))

EDIT1: Can anyone else confirm it does not work? Just upgarded to and and it worked fine in both without any modification.

EDIT2: Could it be a locale issue? The way the patch works is simply by extending the width reserved for the date string. It may still not fit if it is extremely long and will be broken in two lines.

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I reinstalled the patch, restart the phone and it's OK.

Sorry ))

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Not working on

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I am using it with Possibly an incompatibility with another patch? Can you list the patches you use?