Patch: Extend number of days in Weather forecast widget

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Extends the number of days in the weather forecast widget in eventsview in landscape mode from the default 5 to a number determined by the screen aspect ratio. For example 9 on 16:9 screens (5 * (16/9) = 8.889 = ~9) or 7 on 4:3 screens (5 * (4/3) = 6.667 = ~7).

Requires SFOS or newer.

Sources on GitHub:

Note: From SFOS 3.0.3.x onwards, the number of days is determined by the screen size (Jolla's change, not mine), not only the orientation. That means that on larger screens the number may be increased even in landscape. Please let me know if it a problem. I can only check it on Jolla 1 (5 days in portrait, 9 in landscape) and Xperia X (6 and 10 days, respectively).




- Update for SFOS 3.3.0.x.

- Update for SFOS 3.0.3.x.

- The number of icons in landscape is now calculated dynamically, based on the screen aspect ratio.

- Update for SFOS 3.0.1.x.

- Update for SFOS 3.0.0.x.
- Increase the number of days in landscape from 8 to 9. It matches closer the screen aspect ratio of 16:9 (5 * 16/9 = 8.889).

- Update for SFOS 2.1.0.x.

- Update dependencies to satisfy SFOS 2.0.2.x.

- First build.


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Works on my Jolla1

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Hi. I installed on XA2 and lost the functionality. The patch is not available in the Patchmanager. If I try to install it from Storeman (or downoad) nothing happens. Do we need to wait for update or I did something wrong? Thanks.

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The patch is not in the Patchmanager catalogue, only in Warehouse. I am an old skool guy, I don't switch from what works just because there is something "new" available ;-)

The reason it disappeared is because of its dependency on a certain version of Weather. the new Weather that came with 3.3.0 included the functionality by default, so I am not sure it would really make sense to keep maintaining this patch. Please let me know if you would like me to.

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Thanks for the quick response. I use XA2 and without your patch the weather widget displays 5 day forcast only. As per Jolla (3.0.2): Sailfish shows 7-day weather forecast (instead of normal 5-day) on larger screens.I guess XA2 not large enough.

Before 3.3 update I had it installed on my XA2 showing under Settings, Patchmanager, Installed patches, and working with 6 day forcast. After 3.3 update its gone. I go Storeman, Repositories, pichlo, Patch; Extended number...., since I had it there and try to install with no success. Also downloaded from openrepos, no luck installing. Haven't updated my X yet and still see 6 day forecast.

It would be great if you can find time to look into it. Thanks again!

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OK, try now. My Jolla is currently indisposed so I could only test it on my Xperia X but the changes are next to zero so it should work.

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Now works on X and XA2. Thanks!

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Hi it doesn't seem to work on

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thanks!awesome !

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For me its not working with 3.0.1.x

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Updated. Sorry about the delay.

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Very nice patch!