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Dotdanbae is Korean input methods for Sailfish OS. This provides 2-set and Naratgeul, Cheonjiin (10-key based) keyboard layout. The name comes from Korean word for Sailboat.

Requires Sailfish OS or above.

Browse source code at:


- Added cheonjiin plus layout
- Added single vowel layout
- Improved paste key in cheonjiin and naratgeul
- Fix bug with vowels getting stuck in naratgeul
- Move to the same code base for naratgeul and cheonjiin handlers
- Improved symbols layout in cheonjiin and naratgeul


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peremen 님이 링크해주신곳에도 적혀 있는 내용인것 같은데요. 메모장에서 (다른데도 마찬가지 일것으로 생각됨) 텍스트 셀렉션 해서 복사하면, 클립보드로 복사가 됨에도 키보드상에는 클립보드가 표시가 안되네요.

텍스트 복사후, 한글 키보드에서 영분 키보드로 바꿔보면 클립보드가 보입니다.


Even if copy texts, no clipboard icon appear on keyboard. But after change to english keyboard, clipboard icon appeared.

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말씀해 주신 버그를 이번 패치 때 확인하여 가능하다면 수정해 보겠습니다.

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Known bug for 0.2:

* You cannot enter Korean text on web browser's address bar. This bug is known; see