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ProtonVPN client tool for Linux

How to use it:

To initialize the ProtonVPN Linux client, type this:

devel-su protonvpn-cli -init

OR (alias)

devel-su pvpn -init

You will need to enter your OpenVPN username and password which you have to configure on your page (this operation is only needed the first time or if you want to change the stored credentials):

OpenVPN Username

OpenVPN Password

After entering the credentials, you will have to select the subscription plan that you have for ProtonVPN. Trial users should select 3) Plus.

Now please enter this command line to start connecting to the servers :

devel-su protonvpn-cli -connect

OR (alias + shortcut)

devel-su pvpn -c

A detailed country list with all of the available ProtonVPN servers for you should appear. Select the server of your preference and click OK.

Then select either UDP or TCP protocol to use and click OK

The connection will be established and new IP showed.

NOTE: depending on your subscription plan you can also use the following shortcuts to avoid manually selecting the servers:

   -r, --random-connect             Connect to a random ProtonVPN server.
   -f, --fastest-connect               Connect to the fastest available ProtonVP

Once you are connected to the VPN client tool for Linux, you can ensure that there are no IP or DNS leaks here.

NOTE: Closing terminal window will not disconnect the VPN connection, use the following command to close it:

devel-su protonvpn-cli -disconnect

OR (alias + shortcut)

devel-su pvpn -d


INSTALLATION NOTE: /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf is also included.


wget >= 1.20.1

dialog >= 1.3.20171209

Application versions: 
File protonvpn-cli-1.0-1.armv7hl.rpm13.27 KB08/04/2018 - 04:27
File protonvpn-cli-1.1-1.noarch.rpm13.21 KB08/04/2018 - 22:55
File protonvpn-cli-1.1.2-1.noarch.rpm20.47 KB04/03/2019 - 03:52

1.1.2 -> Latest version 1.1.2 from packaged for SFOS (noarch)

1.1 -> revamped to "noarch" because all executables are actually scripts (extra dependencies were already compiled for i486). Also the instructions have been simplified.

1.0 -> Latest unknown version ( packaged for SFOS (armv7hl)


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Really hope you can make a app for it with GUI

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Protonvpn 2.0 for Linux is released. Also would you like to make a GUI for that?

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It seems they have revamped it from bash to python, I'll check on it ASAP.

MIG's picture

Handy piece of software. Thanks!

It took a while until I found open vpn username and password from the protonvpn web page. After I found those, I was able to connect, everything worked fine and smoothly.

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Thanks for your feedback ;)

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Thanks, works great! Any chance --cc will be added in an upcoming version to get country specific quick connect from command line like in the regular linux version?

pamoedo's picture

Sure, let me check also if the dependencies need an upgrade and I will provide the latest version ASAP.

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@jbj, the latest version is out there, please give it a try when you have a chance to see if those new options work as expected, thks.

BTW, somehow Storeman was not detecting the new versions, at least in my case, if that happens also to you, just remove wget-cli & protonvpn-cli and reinstall protonvpn-cli, it should take the new version and deps.

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Quick connect profile to use with simple alias command will be great

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Juste read help page and view the possibilty to do it =)

pamoedo's picture

Yes, the help of the command itself is very useful for shortcuts, I've also included one alias called "pvpn" from the original installation. Basically, once credentials are stored, the unique commands needed are "pvpn -c" & "pvpn -d".

BTW, I have also revamped the package to "noarch" to allow tablet users to install it and also simplified the instructions for clarity and shortcuts visibility.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Great! Thank you :+1:

pamoedo's picture

Thanks, appreciated.