CyanogenMod Ambience

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NOTE: There are tons of alternative sounds stored in /home/nemo/Music/cyanogenmod-ambience-alternative/

Enjoy ;)

Application versions: 
File ambience-cyanogenmod-1.0-1.noarch.rpm15.97 MB26/02/2018 - 01:56

1.0-1 Initial version (tested only on SailfishX)


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I don't know why someone is giving a 1-star rating to everything you publish, it's cool you're putting some work into making these things and I'm sure other people do appreciate it. Just ignore the funny guy.

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Thanks, I'll do it.

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Thanks for ur ambiences, but meego-legacy ambiences will much better.

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First of all, thanks for your feedback, I can finally understand why other people is just providing negative rating to all my apps (libraries included) without even downloading them.

Secondly, why all people using SailfishOS must become from Meego? don't get me wrong, I'm on your side since I saw a unix shell for the first time (long time ago) but I would love to see SailfishOS expanding all over the world and taking away market share to Android (why not?), if we want this to happen we should embrace other communities (like cyanogenmod, the original motivation of this ambience, not android itself, of course) and be open minded.

Regards, and thanks again for you comment, appreciated.

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Why you changed your perfil photo? :  )

@pamoedo Thanks for creating Futures-To-SailfishOS. I appreciated

Many peoples here hate android stuff. but I understanding you. 

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Don't lie, it could be worst (iOS, Windows phone).

BTW, thanks for rating things without even downloading them, I'm still waiting to see your first app in OpenRepos, I promise to be fair and try it first :P