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SyncEvolution allows you to sync your contacts and calendar with SyncML and CalDAV/CardDAV servers on the Internet.

This is a beta release and some features may not work properly. Please always keep a backup of your data.

This package contains a newly written GUI for SailfishOS. It is still a work in progress and some features are still missing.

SyncEvolution will not be available on Harbour for the foreseeable future, as it violates numerous Harbour rules, including the installation of libraries, daemons, D-Bus services, and access to privileged PIM data.

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Could not figure out how to configure it to make it work with ownCloud. Any hints?

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I don't use ownCloud myself, but if you're using the GUI, you can try this:

Use the pulley menu to add a service. Choose the WebDAV template. Now, you can try to enter the base URL of your ownCloud server into "Sync URL" field and hope WebDAV autoconfiguration works, or you can ignore that field and just put the correct full URLs into the "Contacts DB" and "Calendar DB" fields. For the correct URLs to use, there are some answers to be found on Google, e.g. (just look for the "database=" options with the ownCloud URLs, the GUI takes care of all the other stuff)

If you prefer command-line, you could follow most of the instructions from the N900 recipes, except for not using the N900-specific databases. Just not specifying them (i.e., using defaults) should be fine.

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Finally I have manged to get calendar sync working with ownCloud. Due to lack of knowledge of SyncEvolution setting up a working config was a bit of a hassle. Plus I had to install a Root Cert.

Great stuff, thanks for this app!!!

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I have it working for ownCloud. I followed the instructions for N900 (linked by ovekaveen) and did some final checks with SyncEvolution UI. Only problem was that somehow when I added both calendar and addressbook synchronization from command line I got incorrect backend for other (eiter CalDAV for contacts or CardDAV for calendar). This, however was easily edited to ini files of syncevolution.

There are still some small things to be tuned in my setup, but otherwise this has been working just fine. Thanks!