Helsinki Transit Stops

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Helsinki Transit Stops is an application for Sailfish OS to show departures from Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) public transportation stops.

Source code and issue tracker are available at GitHub. Discussion at TMO.

Helsinki Transit Stops is no longer maintained and it uses an API that will stop working sometime in 2017. Users should switch to Pan Transit, which is a broader and better continuation of the same codebase.

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Is the traffic service down, or why doesn't this app seem to find anything any more ?

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Assuming you're on early access of Iijoki, it's this bug:

A new release is coming soon, also a new app that uses the new API.

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It sure is a handy app, but would be even greater if it would show the real times and vehicles. Any chance to add support for Helmi?

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To my knowledge, the only API that serves that Helmi data is the Omat Lähdöt API, which is technologically outdated, and, to my knowledge, not maintained anymore, not a reliable service to use.

There are new APIs coming in 2016, including some kind of a real-time API, I'll wait for those. Won't help you this winter, but maybe the next.

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Fantastic little app. Simple, yet extremely useful !