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Lets you search for trips in Västra Götaland (Västtrafik), Stockholm (SL) and Skånetrafiken.
Features include:
* Searching for trips  between any stops at any time, displaying delay information if it exists.
* Auto completing searches that match stop names (no address search yet)
* Last search visible from cover page, with option to refresh with current time or the time that was originally searched.
* Ability to save trips as favourites for easy access.

This app is still in development so there are more features to come. If you have any ideas or feedback, please let me know!

The code is available on github:

Uses the Västtrafik, SL and Skånetrafiken APIs to fetch data.

Application versions: 
File harbour-travelplanner-0.8-1.armv7hl.rpm107.19 KB28/11/2018 - 19:16
File harbour-travelplanner-0.7-1.armv7hl.rpm73.57 KB16/02/2015 - 22:34
File harbour-travelplanner-0.6.3-1.armv7hl.rpm70.86 KB20/01/2015 - 09:24
File harbour-travelplanner-0.6.2-1.armv7hl.rpm70.78 KB13/01/2015 - 10:46


- Update Västtrafik API from v1 to v2.


- Updated to use the new SL api, as the old one will be closed by the end of february. Let me know if there are any issues.


- Fixes power consumption when only displaying cover by removing the busy-indicator on the coverpage.


- Fix for hidden textbox when searching for stops

- Known issue: Power consumption when app minimized is unnecessarily high, I'm working on a fix!


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Hi or3x,
I'm having issues using the app with SL. The app seems to work fine, but I suspect that there has been a change in the server api. I'm on Sailfish and Sony XA2. Thanks for great app. I found it very useful in the past.

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Is it possible to make this program easily extendable, such that someone can add providers from different cities/countries?

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Since the APIs for getting the travel data differ from provider to provider, the code is divided into separate parts for each provider with a common graphical interface. So it would be possible to add new providers without having to redo everything, but one would have to write the code for parsing the specific API data for the new provider, which can be a bit tricky.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. Would it be possible for you to add some information on how to easily write new providers to the github page? Meaning which functions need to be added, how to call them and which format the data needs to be formatted?

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It's been a few years since I wrote the code, and it is not exactly pretty;) I didn't really focus on designing a nice interface at the time, it mostly evolved by itself, so I'm not quite sure how it works myself. But I think looking at the what functions are implemented for all three current providers (vasttrafik, sl, skane), each in their own class, it should be possible to add a new class and implement those functions in a similar manner.

There is basically one function for getting a list of stops matching a string, and one function for getting a list of trips between two stops.

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App is broken on SFOS Error message "No connection".

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Thanks for letting me know! (I don't use the app myself anymore). I'm looking into updating the app, it seems the new version of the API isn't very different from the old one (except using much more complicated authentication for some reason).

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Thanks, update would be very much appreciated. I'm totally lost without this app. ;)

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Version 0.8 uses the new API and should hopefully work. Please test it and let me know:)

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Works perfect as far as I can see. Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for this excellent app! Probably the one I use most of all apps in my Jolla.

At Västtrafik website, there is an option to send specified journey as an email to your inbox. This is a feature I often use when I'm at my desktop. Is it possible to implement that feature also in this app? If so, please consider this post a feature request.

Thanks again for my best app.

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Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

Unfourtunately, I'm not using my Jolla as my main phone anymore, and as I'm currently doing my master thesis, there is not too much time to develop this app. I'm not sure if that feature is available in their API, but if it is, anyone is more than welcome to continue on my code and implement it:

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Great app, Tackar så mycket

Now I dont have to get skånetrafikens android app


But how do you add a travelplan to favourites?

Maybe some gesture I haven't learned? new to jolla me.

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To add a favourite: Search for the trip, then pull down at the top of the results page - "Save as favourite"

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Very nice app, especially autocomplete and the ability to store favourites. I like this, thank you.

Here are two feature requests.

1. In your first scrennshot I can see several transport vehicles, but as a tourist I don´t know which one is a bus, a subway, a boat or whatever. It would be nice if you could state it.

2. Nr. 28 arrives at Stockholms östra and Nr. T14 starts at Tekniska högskolan. Is it possible to add footpath between both and time for it?

Thanks again for your work.

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I will look into having some way of showing the type of transportation more clearly, as of now, the color is used to show what it is, so it might be hard for newcomers to decode;)

I will soon publish an updated version using the new SL API where the walking is explicitly stated as a leg of the journey, which will show how long SL thinks it will take to walk.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Oh, surprise in the morning! Walking parts added in 0.7-1. Thanks a lot.