Bluetooth OBEX Filter off

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Bluetooth file transfer for all file types

Disable filter for supported MIME types when receiving files per OBEX with bluez.

obexd-contentfilter-off provides a simple way to disable the filter for only registered MIME types, when receiving files per Bluetooth via the OBEX profile.



Application versions: 
File obexd-contentfilter-off-1.1.7-stable.noarch.rpm22.21 KB19/10/2020 - 17:40
File obexd-contentfilter-off-1.1.8-stable.noarch.rpm22.22 KB22/03/2021 - 16:54


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BTW, obexd-contentfilter-off is in "maintenance mode" since version 1.0, as it appears to be stable and feature complete for its users. That means there will be no new releases, unless bugs are reported (preferably at Github) or a new SailfishOS release breaks it.

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Would it maybe make sense to have a simple qml UI to turn ON, which could then be simply turned OFF before system update, instead of uninstall, remove repo, just to re-add repo, reinstall after os update?

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IMO, no.
Why would anyone a bit computer savvy would ever need to toggle this filter on (again) to receive only files for whose MIME type a native GUI app has registered an XDG-open handler?
Even Jolla employees stated that it is primarily there to conform (at least 100%!) to the Bluetooth specs, in order to avoid any trouble for certifying devices with Jolla's software stack.
Here is a detailed description with more background information.

Furtermore I see no reason why one would want to disable this obexd-contentfilter-olf repository or even uninstall the obexd-contentfilter-off RPM, before upgrading SailfishOS.

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Sorry, misread:

To restore the original behaviour and state of the OS, simply uninstall this package (but not per the rpm command line utility!).
Then also remove or disable this repository in order to prevent automatic reinstallation of obexd-contentfilter-off when upgrading the OS.

As: uninstall and remove repo before update, but reading it again, it only mentions it can get reinstalled on update, so yeah, no need, thanks!

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If you have a suggestion how to rephrase these two sentences in order to avoid your initial misunderstanding, please name it.

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I think the wording is fine, just automatically assumed it is like the usual patch warnings - uninstall before system update and jumped to conclusions, with a bit of reading comprehension it's totally fine. Thanks!

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Nice job!